Friday, September 27, 2013

Giant Moth Saga

I must tell you about a moth that has it in for me. Yes, you read that right - a moth.

I am not one to be afraid of moths. I've never understood why some people have weird moth phobias. They're basically the butterfly's less exciting cousin aren't they? I would even go so far as to say I find them beautiful and interesting. I have even included them in my paintings. But the moth that I'm about to tell you about was not pretty or beautiful, it was a HUGE, evil, man eating, amazonian size insect.

A few months ago, I left the windows in my car down while I was at my Mum's place. When I got back in (at night mind you), a GIANT moth flew at me. In the dark I thought it was a bat - that's how big it was! Anyway, I didn't see it leave the car, but I had my brother in law ransack search the entire car to which he assured me it was gone. After that, I drove for 40kms on a Winter's night with all 4 windows down to my destination in the hope that if it was still in the car, it would be sucked out at full speed.

This was the actual size of the moth that flew at me! (Photo © Mangahana)

Flash forward a few months to tonight - I am putting Baby A (6 months old) and Miss 4 in the car, when the giant moth returned, flying out of the darkness of the console and right at my head. Both Miss 4 and I screamed and jumped around, as I grabbed the baby out of his carseat and ran for cover. After a phone call to Hubby (to explain why we would be late picking him up), I turned the light off in the car and on in the garage and eventually coaxed him out that way and watched as he flew away into the night sky.

I'm not sure why this moth shook me up so much. I think it was the sheer size of it and the fact that it only seems to show up at night, when I'm least expecting it, and it flutters about madly and unpredictably at my head, and in my car of all places. What if I was driving!? I hate to think. Let's just hope the moth saga is over. It was rather strange, and has inspired some painting ideas that's for sure. 

Now I'm off to research whether giant moths are some sort of bizarre omen...




  1. Great story Jaz...I am sensing a giant moth painting will be next?

    1. Thanks Chrissy! Maybe sometime in the future when I've calmed down. Lol


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