Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A short break!

We're back from our long weekend away in Northern NSW. The weather was perfect! We caught up with Hubby's side of the family, went to the Ballina Country Music Festival (and yes, I actually enjoyed it even though it's my least favourite type of music!), checked out the Ballina Art Gallery, went out for dinner, went to the beach, and caught up with some friends. It was as relaxing as it can be when you're holidaying with kids (or as Mia Freedman put it - "taking-the-baby-to-another-location"). They loved it though!


Art wise - I'm currently working on some commissioned pieces. My latest one is one that I did for a gorgeous 1 year old girl - with all of her favourite colours and things in it:

10"x12" Original Fairy Painting

I also should finish off this mini painting I've been working on. I wonder if I'll get it finished before Halloween!??


Right now I have 3 more commissioned paintings in the works, and that's probably all I will take up until Christmas. I told myself that I wouldn't be doing Christmas markets this year, but I sort of have the bug for it. I guess we'll see what happens.

Last year at Southbank's Young Designers Market

October is already zooming by. I haven't even worked out what the kids are going to do or wear for Halloween. I have Miss (nearly) 5's birthday before that, and I haven't even started planning anything yet for that! I promised to keep it small and very simple this year.

For now though, I have to face the worst part about going on holiday -  I've got a ton of unpacking and washing to do! Ugh. Hopefully I'll get some decent painting time in tonight when the Miss-5-at-home-and-teething-baby chaos settles down. :)


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