Monday, March 30, 2009

just like watching paint dry...

i'm just waiting for some paint to dry....ah...this is why I work with acrylics...nice and quick to dry!
i'm currently working on the piece I'm entering into the Urban Country Music Festival Art Comp. Underbelly - A Tale of Two Cities is on in the background. I quite like it - but it's definately not as good as the first series.
today I managed to get a few jewellery orders organised, while I'm not selling them from my eBay store at the moment, most of them are still available in my Etsy Store. I'm a HUGE fan of Etsy. It's easy to use, and u can find the most fabulous products on there!
i'm also really getting into Twitter at the moment. You can follow me on Twitter here.
back to painting...

Friday, March 27, 2009

from my bed...

i'm actually lying in bed typing this. just got ari down to sleep. she looks so incredibly peaceful and beautiful...

today I got started on my piece that I'm entering into the Urban County Music Festival Art Competition (that's a mouthful!) - and about time too I know! it took me ages to work out what I was going to do for it because country music isn't really my thing...but i would really like to paint something for the comp...and i've finally come up with an idea. to put it basically - it's an acoustic/county style guitar with's quite a big piece - about 60 x 45cm.

i'll post pics once it's done.

tomorrow len, tracy & the kids are coming to visit - yay! i love seeing those guys.

that's all.
night x

Sunday, March 22, 2009

dinner @ thai sea breeze with bek, matt & clo

i just thought i'd write a quick blog post while Rove is on in the background...

we just got back from having dinner with bek, matt & clo @ thai sea breeze. i had the chicken panang thinking it was a sure bet (it always is!) and wade got the satay prawns and i have to admit - wade's satay sauce was nicer! wow. yum. that is what i'm getting next time - except with chicken instead of prawns. i also had an amazing vanilla milkshake there. i never used to understand why people would order a vanilla milkshake - i thought it was like going to baskin robbins and ordering 'vanilla' - but it's not - vanilla milkshakes are *special*.

it was nice catching up with bek & matt & clo. clo loved seeing ariella!

i'm so fed up with the painting i put pics of in my last post. it's just not working...

i'll decide tonight what i'm going to do with it.

that's all for now.
night x

Friday, March 20, 2009

i basically hate it.

i did some more work on my new piece last night, and i'm not happy with it. i don't know why. to an extent i am. but then, i look at it and get confused. so anyway, i'll keep going tonight...
it's nowhere near finished.

here's some progress (?) so far...

what do you think?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

i promise to enter more art competitions.

Kurt & Gemma came by this morning. Ari and Kurt had a little play on the rug which was cute! They seem to be good friends for eachother. Last night I got some substantial work done on a painting I'm working on at the moment...i'll have to post pics when I can. In the meantime, the 'Pierrot' commission isn't quite finished yet. Usually I won't go onto something else if I have a commission that's unfinished, but this time I felt like I needed to get away from it in order to get a fresh mind about it. Does that make sense?
Here's a pic of it so far:

I'm looking at entering an art comp being held in Caboolture in May. It's for the Urban Country Music Festival - which yes, I know, is completely not my style at all! But I'm justifying doing it because I told myself that I'll enter more art comps this year (and so far the count is at 0!). It will also give me the chance to broaden my horizons and paint something completely different and also gain a little bit of local exposure.
So, any ideas anyone for an amazing country music style art piece??
Here's some inspiration I've come across so far...

Ok, well I'm off to get some work done while Ari's having a little nap.

Jaz x

Monday, March 16, 2009

It's Dad's Birthday Today.

Wow. What a busy weekend.
It's Dad's Birthday today and we spent most of the weekend celebrating.
So we spent the majority of the weekend in Warwick seeing family, which was nice. It takes approx 3 hrs there and back so we spent a lot of time driving too - and playing weird alphabet games etc to pass the time - which was quite hilarious despite how lame it sounds.
I've got a few different images racing around my head for paintings....lots of inspiration...
Going to watch some "Skins" now and maybe get some paint down onto canvas...
Jaz x

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Goodbye LJ - Hello Blogger!

I've decided to give LJ the flick - and now I'm journaling with Blogger!
You may notice that my eBay store is EMPTY at the moment. All of my jewellery listings are temporarily on pause while I'm focusing on my painting for about a month - after this they will all magically REAPPEAR! (Along with some new art!)
The "Pierrot" painting is almost complete. A few final touch ups and it will be done...
Today we've been busy with preperations for Dads birthday celebrations this weekend. Should be great. I made my (now famous) Rocky Road once again. I need some more inspiration for my next painting. I've got a few ideas...but they don't really mesh together. If anyone has anything in mind please let me know =)
Anyway - that's all for now. Welcome to my Blog now on Blogger!
Jaz x