Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"Midnight Purple Fairy"

We spent the weekend away on the coast. It was nice to get away and have a change of scenery, but it seems our kids always get sick when we travel. Always! This time was no different, and Baby A decided to throw up last night at midnight all over our hotel bed, and there was no spare linen. Great. So we spent a restless Saturday night sleeping on beach towels! 

Thankfully, it was only a 24 hr thing and he was fine the minute we returned home. I spent Sunday afternoon taking some pics out in the backyard of a new painting "Midnight Purple Fairy". As you can see Baby A decided the photos needed a bit of turtle power...


This one is an 8"x8" painting of a little purple fairy with golden coloured wings on a midnight purple background. She is now up for auction HERE in my eBay store, starting at just $1!

"Midnight Purple Fairy" Painting by Jaz Higgins
"Midnight Purple Fairy"

I like the thick sides on these smaller paintings because you don't have to hang them on the wall, they will sit up by themselves on a desk or side table if you want to display them that way as well.

"Midnight Purple Fairy" Painting by Jaz Higgins
Side View

I'm pretty sure that now I have caught whatever bug that Baby A had on the weekend! I'm trying to spend the day resting up and getting better. I'm so grateful I've got Hubby home today to help with mailing out art orders.

Ready to take to the post office!

Hopefully I'll be able to get some painting done tonight, if I'm feeling up to it.

Hope you are well! 


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Monday, July 21, 2014

"Alice in Pastel Land"

I've finished the new Alice painting!

It's funny how I started out painting something completely different, and then I hit a wall with it. 

 The painting was going nowhere and I was getting frustrated with it, so I put it aside and started working on something else. When I would glance at it though, I kept feeling that I wanted to use a pastel colour palette for it.


Once I picked the brush up and started working on the girl, I kept thinking of her as Alice! I've done a few Alice paintings before, so it just knew this is where this painting was suppose to go. So I added in quite a few "Wonderland" inspired details and voila!

"Alice in Pastel Land" original painting

A quick snap out in the garden!

 The original is currently available (at the time of writing this post!) HERE.

There are also beautiful paper prints available in 2 sizes HERE.

Today I'm continuing some commissioned work and hopefully starting on a new painting as well!


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Sunday, July 13, 2014

An "Alice in Wonderland" work in progress + "Fairy Wishes" painting.

Remember this painting I was working on a few weeks ago? Well I've decided to turn it into an "Alice in Wonderland" piece. So far it's turning out nicely.


I'll be working more on this one tonight.

School goes back tomorrow and Baby A starts daycare! Can you believe it? I'm a ball of nerves and excitement over it. It means more painting in solitude, but also means that both of my babies are going to be away from me! Waaaahhh! I think he'll love it though - it will do him good to play with kids his own age a couple of days a week.

 Hubby has started making dinner a couple of nights a week which I'm loving. Right now he's making Mexican Lime & Herb Rice with Chicken and Chorizo! I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and don't forget to bid on the "Fairy Wishes" painting that's up for auction. It's at $10 at the moment - bargain!

"Fairy Wishes" painting by Jaz Higgins


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Thursday, July 3, 2014


It's school holidays and this week got off to a slow start with the household coming down with a head cold. We're slowly picking up the pieces now, and I can't believe it's already Thursday! 

Despite the first few days being a write off, I did manage to put the finishing touches on my painting for this month's "Monthly Painter's Challenge". The secret topic was "Winter".


 Lately I've been obsessed with berries of all kinds, maybe it's because of the cold weather, or maybe I've just developed more of a taste for them as I've gotten older (I'm nearly 30 you know!!). I was eating some raspberries in the car the other day when I started imagining a painting of a girl/princess surrounded by berries. I immediately conjured up a colour palette of rich reds, deep blues, violets and dark purples. So, when I saw that this month's challenge was "Winter" I immediately set about creating "Winterberry". She has deep burgundy eyes, strawberry blonde hair and wears a winterberry crown.

"Winterberry" painting by Jaz Higgins - side view

The original 8"x8" painting ($59) is available to purchase by emailing me at artbyjaz@yahoo.com.au.

There are also 8x8" paper prints available HERE.

I've also picked (at random) a subscriber from my email list this month to win an art print of their choice. Congratulations Vicky!

I'm going to continue the promotion for July - so sign up below to be in the draw to win an art print of your choice!

I hope you're having a nice week!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

"Little Tree Nymph" + Saturday Night Sketches

It's Saturday night, so I've given myself permission to stay up late and paint. Although my eyes are starting to blur a little, so it's probably time to go to bed. Just before that though, I wanted to share my new "Little Tree Nymph" painting that I finished today.

"Little Tree Nymph"

Side View

The original is 8"x8" on stretched canvas - which means it's ready to hang straight on the wall. Or sit on a bookshelf, or desk. Easy. At the moment the only way to purchase it is HERE on my Facebook page by commenting 'Sold' under the photo. First in, best dressed.

If the original isn't available however, there are also prints HERE. Just a heads up - FREE SHIPPING on all art prints in my online store ends tomorrow!

Tonight, while waiting for a couple of canvasses to dry, I've been sketching/doodling with pencil and paint on canvas. Not sure where this one is going yet? 

What's going on here? Rainbows, birds, clouds raining diamonds? Time for bed? Probably yes.



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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

"Jelly Rose"

My first ever spray tan was with a lady named "Gelly Rose". I was so nervous. I went into her beautiful pink and white striped salon, and she was super lovely and friendly and made me feel so at ease! My friend and I didn't know her real name (sorry Sandra!), so every time we wanted to go to that salon we would just say "Wanna see Gelly?". That was probably...10? years ago. Wow. These days, spray tans are pretty much a thing of the past for me. But the name must have stuck, because this afternoon when I was thinking about what to name my new mermaid painting "Jelly Rose" sprung to mind!

"Jelly Rose" Painting by Jaz Higgins
"Jelly Rose" Original Painting

I had a picture of a cute blonde mermaid in my head. Most mermaids have long, flowing hair, but I thought there needed to be a mermaid with a cute styled cut! Surely there are hairdressers for mermaids right? This one has a little blonde bob with a fringe! I painted in one jellyfish, and it multiplied! lol. Before I knew it there were three jellies in the painting, and I then I added in a couple of peony roses for a feminine touch. Overall this painting has a calming effect to it.

"Jelly Rose" Painting by Jaz Higgins - Side View
A quick side profile pic I snapped in the backyard late this afternoon.

The original painting is up for auction HERE in my eBay store.

 *yawn* It's brushes down and bed time for me now. Night! :)


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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Tummy Bugs & Tigers

It's been a hideous 48 hours, with Baby A, Hubby and I all coming down with a tummy bug. Miss 5 managed to miss it, which is awesome, but for the rest of us - it's been hard to get out of bed. Adding to that, we had an open home today! So it's been stressful to say the least, trying to get the house as spotless at possible while also feeling like death.

 Needless to say, I haven't had the chance to paint in the past couple of days, and that's driving me crazy! I've got a couple of paintings in the works at the moment, one of which is this mermaid with a short blonde bob!


I took a quick pic of it outside yesterday. It's a work-in-progress. Probably at least another 5 hours to go.

I do however, have a new art print to share with you! This one is a commission I did a few months ago, of a beautiful big eyed girl with sage flowers scattered through her long flowing hair. She's sitting with her White Tiger friend. 

Sage's White Tiger Art Print by Jaz Higgins
"Sage's White Tiger"

You will find "Sage's White Tiger" prints now up in my store HERE. 

 White Tiger's are a rare variation of the Bengal Tiger. They aren't albino, but rather have a "white pigment" to their skin rather than orange! I've been lucky enough to see one up close at Dreamworld a few years ago, but sadly Mohan the White Tiger has since died.

 Free Shipping on all art prints is still currently running in my online store, but only for a limited time. It's automatically discounted at checkout.

 I'm going to see if I can muster up the energy to do some painting tonight. Otherwise, it's back to the couch for me! I hope you're all having a lovely (and healthy) weekend!


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