Sunday, May 31, 2009

"Blue Gingham & Peacock Feathers"

I finished "Blue Gingham & Peacock Feathers" today! She is up on eBay for 7 days starting @ $90...CLICK HERE (or on the photo) to go to the auction. I'm happy with the way she turned out =)

Today Wade, Ari & I were scouting about a St Vinnies Store looking for treasures and I came across an old "Encyclopedia of Animals" for $5 - it has some fantastic reference pictures in there, so I imagine that some of my paintings in the near future are going to feature some interesting creatures...

Stay tuned.

Jaz x

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Work in Progress - Contains Peacock Feathers

I just realised that the Brisbane Antique Fair was on this weekend, obviously I didn't go, but it would've been fun for a look. Oh well, next year I suppose. I've been painting lots this weekend. I'm currently working on a piece featuring peacock feathers and blue gingham fabric - it's taken ages to paint all those criss-crosses! haha. I've taken some Work-In-Progress pics but I haven't uploaded them yet (I'm typing this from the laptop) - I will upload them the next time I'm on the "usual" computer!

As always - the weekend has flown! I can't believe tomorrow will be Monday again already! My sister Jayde came up this weekend which was nice. She bought ari the cutest Elmo PJs! Just in time for winter too. Mum & I had a big shop out the other day buying lots of warm winter things! When I shop with Mum I always tend to buy sensible items! haha. Wade, Ari & I all got new trackies, socks, hoodies etc. I also got a cute new pair of slippers. Two-Toned Grey Faux Fur with Pom Poms! So snuggly.

Well...I think the paint that I was waiting on is dry now. Will post pics soon. On Twitter also.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Finally finished that piece I've been chatting about for the past couple of's called "Jellywish" (thanks Wade!) and it's up on eBay for a 'Buy It Now' Price of $69. I'll also post in my Etsy Store and Madeit Store if you prefer to shop there. Once it's sold, obviously I'll remove it from all of these stores.

It's pouring rain here at the moment! All around the Sunshine Coast & South East QLD there is torrential flooding. It's been declared a natural disaster zone! Luckily we're up on a hill here. We went down to check out the beaches this afternoon and the surf is massive! (Not that I can surf for the life of me...!) There were heaps of surfers out there, but it looked so dangerous. I guess that's how they like it.

I called up about a townhouse I saw on today - but when I called they said it was already under contract. This is about the 3rd time that has happened. Why don't they update their website!? Ergh.

Anyway - I think I should go to bed soon. The rain is heavy and it's perfect sleeping weather!

Jaz x

Thursday, May 14, 2009

sneeky peek

here's just a sneak peek of some of the new cameos i've got in my eBay Store...


the past few days have been busy with ari, painting, jewellery orders and catching up on web stuff! ari's been teething - and her first tooth has finally come through! yay!!! so she's been awake every couple of hours at night crying...and hence neither of us are getting any decent sleep. i've also woken up this morning with a cold, so we're all a bit tired and blergh right now. *sips tea*. yesterday i made some carrot & walnut muffins (see pic). by 4pm this afternoon they were all gone, so i think they were definately a winner! wade sent me an email yesterday with a bunch of deep sea creatures - which spurred me to add a jellyfish into my latest painting. i am inlove with so many sea creatures - especially octopuses (octopi?), seahorses & giant squid. i'm sure i've raved about these things in this blog i'll stop now.

this weekend we're heading to brisbane for fittings for Matt & Ange's wedding and then for a look at their chosen venue - should be exciting! so tomorrow is going to be busy with getting the last of the jewellery orders off for the week...

until next time..

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Peony Work in Progress, Tupperware Party & Sleepiness!

I've been painting most of the afternoon...on a new piece which so far features a blue haired girl, a mini top hat (from a vision I had before I fell asleep last night), and peony roses...

It's slowly coming together...(the pic above is a beginning shot i took yesterday...). you can also follow my progress on Twitter.
Last night Mum, Ari & I went to Brisbane for a Tupperware party with the girls. It was probably, no definately, the best Tupperware party I've been too - thanks Jean & Tarls! it turned out to be a late night though. we didn't get home until after midnight (thanks to Valley traffic, a long drive home, spilt coffee at the Petrol Station, the de-mister being put on wrong and the entire windscreen fogging up at 110kms...). I was so tired when we got home.
With the late nights recently & Ari's teething it's a wonder I got any painting done today actually. My eyes are feeling all zoned out now though from concentrating. I think I should go to bed. Tomorrow is my 1st Mothers Day and I'm so excited! Woo hoo!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

peanut m&ms = yum.

my little miss is SO clever! she's only 6 & a half months and already she's pulling herself up on the lounge from sitting to standing!

for the past few days, we've had Lis here staying with us. yesterday we were supposed to go to the Eumundi Markets but it was pouring down rain when we woke up (at 7:30am!) so we decided to go to the Plaza instead. Lis spent most of her shopping time on the hunt for a pair of wayfarers and she finally found them in the last shop we went into! They really suit her. Instead of the usual little silver lines in the corners they have little silver hearts - v. cute!

the past few days have been busy with the usual jewellery orders - i have 3 new types of pandora beads arrive today - so they will be posted in my eBay Store tonight. blue ones, purple ones and dusty pink ones (all with sterling silver cores)...

until then, i'm off to take photos and munch on these peanut m&m's...mmmm