Friday, June 26, 2009

Twitter & Witta

Today (after watching the news all morning!) I went to lunch with Tabi @ Maudy's in Witta. Maudy's is this fabulous little cafe set high up in the mountains of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, just outside Maleny. We had a platter of snackfoods followed by Blueberry Cheesecake (Tab had Chocolate Ripple!) & Coffee. Perfect. =) I love seeing Tab. She always puts me in a good mood.

This afternoon I spent WAY too much time on Twitter. Tonight I'm going to try and get some painting done. I'm working on a very BLUE piece. That's all I'm going to say for now. ;)

The Day Michael Jackson Died.

Wow. I woke up this morning & was going about my day as usual until I turned on the TV. First of all, Ariella was watching that really really annoying show called "Puzzle Play" on Channel 10, then breaking news: "Michael Jackson Dead at Age 50". It was one of those moments where time stands still for a few seconds. Then I was like "wow, ok". Of course I didn't know Michael Jackson personally, but I can tell you that "Bad", "Billy Jean" & "Thriller" are on my "most played" list on my iPod. Like most kids of the 80s, I grew up listening to his music & trying to moonwalk. He was a musical and dancing genius. He was the Picasso of his craft. He's up there with Elvis. Michael Jackson is the King of Pop & he will always be remembered that way...

Monday, June 22, 2009

First Peeks At Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

Wow. Excitement! I just had a sneak peek at the initial concept pics from Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland"...absolutely fascinating. I believe Tim Burton is THE person to do this movie.

Speaking of movies, Wade is off to see a special advanced screening of "Transformers 2" as we speak!
Back to painting now...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

End of the Weekend.

Despite the fact that Wade had to work, I had quite a nice weekend! =)
Lis came to visit and we had quite a girly weekend with lots of eating, shopping, movie/tv watching, and chatting! I even managed to get a tiny bit of painting done on Saturday night! (wow!) God I ate so much CRAP though. Junk food galore. The photo above is of me digging into the "Chocolate Fondue for Two" we indulged in on Saturday...yum!

I was checking out
Todd Schorr's website tonight. A while ago I bought "The Treasures of Long Gone John" DVD and with it came a postcard sized, signed print of his. To be honest I hadn't really paid a lot of attention to his artwork until now, and I must say I'm really impressed! I love the ideas behind it and the attention to detail that can almost be compared to the work of Bruegel. So there's another favourite artist to add to my list...

Here on the Sunshine Coast today they had the annual "Ride for Daniel" as a way to raise awareness for child safety and protection. On the way home from breakfast (with Mum, Dad, Ari & Lisa) we stopped alongside the highway, and waved and smiled as the hundreds (maybe thousands?) of motorbikes rode past in Daniel's honour. It was really quite touching, and I felt really proud of the way that the Morcombe's and the Sunshine Coast community have continued to put this event together each year. Sadly, the question still remains: "Where's Daniel?"

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Updated My Stores

I've spent the afternoon and the better part of the night taking photos of some new cameos that arrived and then have been posting them on eBay, Etsy & Madeit. Here's a sneak peek at some of them:

I really would've liked to have gotten some painting done today because my friend Lisa is coming over early tomorrow morning to stay for a couple of days, and while I can still paint while she's here, I know I won't get near as much done. Plenty of chatting, eating, watching movies and drinking tea to do!

I'm also a little bit obsessed with Twitter at the moment! I've found it to be a really great way to keep up to date with other artists, celebs, and friends all at the same time. It also gives me a sense of having colleagues in a strange way. There's sometimes a sense of loneliness that comes from working at home. If anything I would say that it's probably the biggest challenge that comes with being an artist and a mum - the fact that you work in your own little world most of the day without much other adult interaction. Well, Twitter alleviates this a bit.

Jaz x

Monday, June 15, 2009

"White Lace Wedding"

I finished "White Lace Wedding" last night. She is currently up on eBay starting at can view the auction HERE.

I've been doing a bit of wedding research lately...planning for our own wedding...and I've come to realise how much I actually dislike the idea of the factory wedding. You know - the ones that have a checklist to tick off? Dress - Check. Venue - Check. Flowers - Check. 5 Sugared Almonds - Check. Hideous white lace things hanging off your wrists - Check. It's just not me. And it's not Wade either. I do like the "tradition" of a wedding, but I don't like a lot of the ceremonial overload that comes with it...

Anyway - that was the inspiration for this painting. Wade interpreted it as "the girl who waited too long"...hahahaha...

So at this stage, she's still up for 99c! Looks like you could get a painting for less than the canvas price! =)

I'm currently looking into opening a Zazzle Store. What are your thoughts?

Jaz x

Saturday, June 13, 2009


My little cousins Paige and Declan came over this morning...they ate lots of food and loved playing with Ariella! =)

Yesterday Wade & I celebrated our 5 Year Anniversary of being together. 5 Awesome Years. Can't wait for the next 5.....We ate Thai food and saw "The Hangover" which was hilarious! I especially loved the end credits. Now there's not many movies you can say that about is there?

I've been continuing to work on the 30cm x 30cm piece...I'm painting white lace butterflies into it. And by that - I mean actual LACE type butterflies. Like you might see a doily made out of or something. They're really pretty and totally fit into the theme of the painting which is "Death to Wedding Tradition". I'll explain more and post pics when it's finished.

I'm really keen to start painting some custom vinyl art toys. I don't think I know about them anyone who does, I'd love to know where you buy the blanks from, what medium you use on them etc...any info would be much appreciated.

Unfortunately, poor Wade has to work today (Saturday!), but at least that means I've got some spare painting time...which is what I'm off to do now...

Enjoy the weekend!
Jaz x

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

WIP June 9th

Today was a little bit unusual...I met up with an old family friend that has been missing for a couple of years and it was quite an odd thing to see how much someone can change in such a short time. Some things have changed, and of course some have stayed the same, but it was quite emotional, and I didn't expect it to be...

I've got such a sore throat at the moment. I've been drinking heaps of hot tea, and eating butter menthols, which seem to help a bit.

The weekend was busy as expected. Dinner with Tab and Darren was lovely! Maleny is beautiful. We ate enough food to last at least a month I think. Specialty Pizza (loaded with every topping you could think of, except peanut butter), Seafood Pasta (which I didn't really like but everyone else loved!), Yummy Potato Wedges with Sour Cream & a delicious banana split for dessert (loaded with vanilla ice-cream, cream, chocolate topping, nuts and garnished with strawberry halves). Is your mouth watering yet?

Sunday was spent out near Laidley visiting some of Wade's rellies, which was really nice. We had a roast lunch there, and they got to meet Ariella. Yes - more food. I think I must have put on about 5kg this weekend alone!

Monday was a public holiday, so we decided to spend the day chilling out at home. Lis dropped in for a quick visit which was really nice as well.

Amongst all of these things - I did manage to get a little bit of work's the peice so far:

One more thing - a quick happy birthday for yesterday to one of my bestest friends - Tarley. She's now 25! =) Happy Birthday Tarls.

I'll be doing some more painting tonight...
Until next time...

Friday, June 5, 2009

Started Sketching...

So I started sketching out a new piece today....Not 100% sure exactly what I will include in this one. I have a few ideas though...

Aunty Lorry & Connor came to visit today which was nice. I ate far too much cake though! Caramel Mudcake AND Banana Cake! Yum.

Yay! It's Friday!

Jaz x

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy 26th B'Day Wade!

Just thought I'd write a quick blog entry before I head off to bed...Ariella decided she didn't want to sleep much today, so I'm quite tired! *yawn*

Yesterday my gorgeous fiance Wade turned 26! Unfortunately, he had to work most of the day, but when he got home we had yummy thai for dinner and he unwrapped his pressies ($$$ from his mum, microsoft points, guitar hero world tour (!), and a purple/yellow lava lamp - yep he still thinks they're cool, lol). At Wade's request we also had an awesome ice-cream cake (like the ones you have at McDonalds birthday parties) which was so yummy!!

We have a busy weekend coming up - Aunty Jayde's coming up, dinner with Tab & Darren, celebrating my cousin Matt's 18th, and going to visit Wade's Dad, Stepmum, Aunty Jewels, Maddie & Nanna Beryl! Lots to do.

I can hear my little cat, Oreo, meowing at the door. Gone are the days when she slept in bed between us! Poor Oreo, she's got a sore eye at the moment and I have to give her eye drops 3 times a day.

Ok well I'm off to bed now. Will try to get some serious painting done tomorrow. I also want to de-clutter the flat a bit.

Night x