Thursday, September 24, 2009

Settlement Tomorrow!

Gosh it's 11:23pm already! Where did the day go? Oh that's right - I spent 7 hours driving to the Gold Coast & back with my parents (& Ari) to pick up my little sisters new car! Which is really nice btw, but she's only got her automatic licence and yet insisted on buying a manual car, and she now needs to wait until she can drive it! (What's the point!?)...

Anyway, it's all very exciting here. Tomorrow we will be the proud owners of our very own HOUSE! woohoo! We'll be in there painting madly this weekend, but I'm still going to keep all of my online stores open. We won't be actually staying in the house yet, so I'll still have my computer here up and running until next weekend - and well - I'm not sure what's going to happen there. I can't bare the thought of no internet access just yet. Give me a few days to get my head around it! Thanks,


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ari's 1st B'day Invites...and Smurfette in time for Summer!

I've finished Ari's "Abby Cadabby" 1st Birthday invitations and they're all ready to be posted today! I've never created an invite on Photoshop before, so for a first timer, I actually think I did an ok job.

Sydney is currently covered in the worst dust storm in over 70 years. From the photos I've seen, it's like a blanket of orange! Someone called it "Rangapocolypse"! I hope for all of the asthma sufferers that it calms down soon.

The new channel - 99 - is currently playing retro cartoons. "The Jetsons" is on at the moment. So, in honour of my love for retro cartoons, I've created these Smurfette Earrings. They've already proved to be quite popular! And rightly so...Smurfette is the prettiest smurf of all!

Hope you're all enjoying your week so far!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You heard it here first...

Exciting news! Wade & I have bought a house! It will be our first home of our very own. So we are very excited and very busy packing up here on the Sunshine Coast for our big move back to Brisbane in 2 weeks time...

My online stores will still be open right up until we move. The weekend of the 26th-27th Sept my stores will most likely be on holiday mode, but other than that, my art & jewellery will still be available 24/7 to anyone around the globe.

A new line in my stores - RINGS! I've currently got 4 available, but I plan on adding plenty more. I absolutely love the owls! I have made some for myself (of course!) and I wear the cream one especially, all the time!

Last night I also added a couple of new charm bracelets (hand made by me) -

They're listed as "Buy It Now's" so first in best dressed!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

my weekend so far...

So this weekend Wade's away at Army Training for work (poor Wade getting his butt kicked!)...and Lisa & Jayde came up for an impromptu visit - which is nice of course! Except that my house looks like a bomb has hit it. Speaking of fires...last night there was a MASSIVE fire on the other side of the Sunshine Motorway - a few kms from our house. It was crazy! After the suddeness of the Black Saturday fires in Vic this year I get worried about fire anywhere near my house...I didn't realise it was SO incredibly unpredictable until all of those people were caught up in it without warning.

I thought I'd get a ton of jewellery and painting work done this weekend while Wade was away, but alas, not much at all...I'm hoping to catch up this afternoon. I'll post any updates on Twitter.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Rant + 1st Birthday Progress...

Honestly - I feel like crap today. I woke up with a scratchy throat and now my eyes feel like they're about to pop out of my head. I'm typing this on an old keyboard because yesterday I managed to spill two (yes - TWO!) cups of tea on the keyboard and destroyed it. But wait, there's more. I've also got this crazy person on eBay sending me mean messages (in CAPITAL LETTERS) saying that they haven't received the item that I sent them. I kindly told them that if they haven't received them by early next week I'll send them another for free (out of the goodness of my heart) and instead of saying thanks, I get another angry email IN CAPITAL LETTERS. What's with people!?


On a much better note. I've made progress on Ari's 1st Birthday celebrations! Still not sure where we're having it, but I've bought a few Abby Cadabby themed items from the States, and the ones that have arrived so far are adorable!

I'm also going to make her a cute little birthday outfit, complete with tutu! I dragged myself (and mum & Ari) down to Spotlight today to buy the materials. I've watched this tutorial to learn how to make it! No sewing! Woo hoo! I'll let you know how I go...


Monday, September 7, 2009

Buzzing Around...

Today I'm a busy little bee getting orders ready to send. I thought I'd just make a quick blog post while Ari's having a little nap. She's been crawling around the house this morning causing all sorts of chaos (including pulling the entire lot of toilet paper off the roll!) it's a relief that she's having a little nap right now.

I've added a couple of new jewellery items to my stores over the can click on the photo to go to thier eBay listings. They're also up in my Etsy and MadeIt, and ArtFire stores.

In the lead up to Christmas (yes, that's right - I'm already mentioning that word! crazy isn't it?)...I'll be getting lots of jewellery stock in, including lots of NEW items so keep an eye out! I'll be posting daily updates on Twitter.

It's a busy time at the moment. Trying to get some painting time in, getting new jewels made, lots of orders coming in =), organising all of my online stores, packing and moving house, planning Ari's 1st birthday, and of course, first and foremost looking after my beautiful baby girl. It's a little bit chaotic here, but I'm loving every minute of it!