Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend in Review

I threw a baby shower for my friend Tabitha on Saturday. Baby is due in 6 weeks, and no one knows if it's a boy or girl, so I went with a neutral "bird/egg in the nest" theme. I made:
  • jelly bean cupcakes (confession: they are not the ones in the picture! mine were not photo worthy and 6 of them fell on the floor!).
  • chocolate "birds nests" - the same as "chocolate spiders" except with solid easter eggs in the middle...
  • a nappy cake - in a yellow & white theme with baby lotions, powders, a baby comb, booties & a rubber ducky on top!
  • a water bowl centerpiece with little rubber duckies of different colours bobbing around
  • 'thank you' favours - little plastic sandwich containers filled with blue and pink caramels, completed with a gold ribbon and a handwritten 'thank you - pink or blue?" tag.
Anyway...blah blah turned out to be a great morning! It's kind of one thing to tick off my list now though - and I can focus on my Kooky Tea Party market stall! Hopefully I'll be kicking off next Sunday (after another friends baby shower on Saturday). I swear babies are popping out EVERYWHERE at the moment!!! Another friend of mine is due news yet though.

Speaking of Kooky Tea Party - there's a ton of new jewels in my stores! My favourite at the moment is the 'Cup & Saucer' ring (see right). So adorable! Everyone comments on it. The store to keep an eye on at the moment is the eBay store because as of tomorrow there is a heap of stuff marked down - over 70 items!

I'm looking forward to getting some sleep tonight - but not before I read a little more of "Eat, Pray, Love". That book really IS all it's cracked up to be! I'm surprised! I had high expectations and didn't think it would live up to all the hype...but somehow it is. I'm half way through.

Monday tomorrow. Lots of jewellery orders to get out...


Oh! P.S. - I bought a dress today from Portmans @ DFO. I didn't try it on - i just winged it. It was marked down from $99.95 to $9.95! (yes - $80 off!!) and guess what?! It fits PERFECTLY. It's my new favourite!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I'm so thankful to have been born, and for my child to have been born, in such a wonderfully lucky country.

Happy Australia Day Everyone!


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday So Far...

I've spent the majority of my Friday night & Saturday organizing my Kooky Tea Party market stall. I'm so excited! It's slowly but surely coming together and I'm starting to think it looks OK. By OK, I mean - it actually looks kind of like a stall you would walk up to at a market!

What I've found is that I
thought I had heaps of stock made, but once I started laying it out, I realised it doesn't look like much at all! You have to have HEAPS for it to look good. So...after Ari went to sleep last night I had all my crafting and jewellery boxes sprawled across my lounge room floor, and I happily pottered away at getting more stock together.

By the time I hundred pieces...I was so tired and my thumb was numb from pushing earrings through earring cards...that I roughly mumbled something like "night...babe..." as I stumbled past Wade and upstairs to sleep.

I plan on doing more tonight, so I've tried to keep all my bits and pieces out today, which is basically impossible because little miss 15 months old wants to grab everything (and it doesn't help that some of my jewellery contains Sesame St characters!). This morning while I was whisking her away from them, I tripped over a random plastic wine glass on the floor (and no, I wasn't drinking at 9am...though I probably should've been...I was using things from the plastic cupboard to try and keep Ari occupied) and the plastic SNAPPED and splintered into my FOOT! F&@$^&*!!!! Luckily, there weren't any shards of plastic to pick out - just a big nasty gash of skin from the underside of my foot and some blood. Quick - BAND AID!

This foot injury and my numb thumb are the worst injuries I've sustained so far from this Market Stall adventure. Touch wood, they are the only injuries I will have to contend with. Though, I haven't stepped out the door yet. Maybe I should get a job in the mines? It might be safer.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

U Know How Much I Love Cupcakes Right?

In the spare moments that I had between running after my 15 month old, Ariella, and jewellery orders (bless your hearts!) in the past couple of days, I was able to post some new things in my Etsy Store!

The whole nature of the
Kooky Tea Party brand revolves around the notion of a mad-hatters style tea party - complete with lots of kooky clothes, beautiful cups and saucers and of course lots of crazy jewels! And if it was to be any kind of party at all - it needs lots of cake! Specifically cupcakes! So, I've created these cute cupcake button rings:



Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Weather Prediction: There's going to be a Baby Shower!

One of my best friends, Tabitha, is pregnant (due in March), and I excitedly offered to throw her a baby shower. We don't know if it's a boy or a girl, so it's a neutral theme, and I've decided to go with a "bird" theme - like "there's a new addition to the nest" kind of thing.

Sorry about the picture quality - it was on pearly card so it was hard to get a photo without too much glare. I also used alphabet stickers, feathers, rafetta twine, and little pearls to create the 'nest'. I also hand-wrote the invite as something a little different to just printing it out. My hand was sore after writing out 20 invites! Plus I also had little hand-written cards with the RSVP notes and directions to the venue.

I had fun making them, and I'm quite happy with the way they turned out. Now I just have to figure out all the other nice things I want for the actual day. I would love to have a "high tea" kind of thing - with china tea cups and saucers, but it's going to be held outdoors in a park so I worry that it's impractical. I wish they had some sort of plastic tea cups? That would be great. 10 days to go and I need to organise games and decorations and food - oh my!

Better get going...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Haiti Needs Help

Wow. When I watched the news this afternoon and saw the people of Haiti and what they're going through at the moment, my heart just broke. Seeing those babies that are the same age as my baby...and what they're enduring and their families are enduring is just tragic beyond words. Apart from donating money, I feel somewhat helpless as to what I can do for them. I feel quite insignificant, but I can tell you that I do feel incredibly, incredibly blessed to have what I have, and live where I live.

Today here in Brisbane it was HOT. So HOT! I think the temp was around 36-38 degrees, but it's the humidity here that's the clincher. It's so humid. At one point today I did utter the words "I feel stickier than a Post-It note". Even after a nice cool shower I still felt hot. It was just one of those days...

There's been lots of preparation for my Kooky Tea Party market stall going on. I'm trying to give it a quirky, mad hatters tea party feel. It's my 1st time doing this (2nd if you count that market stall i did back in high school *cringe*), so I don't really know what I'm doing as such. I'm just gathering some inspiration from places like Flickr, coupled with some ideas of my own. I'll be sure to post pics of the stall once it's complete. You'll be the first to see it. It'll be a special sneak preview.


P.S. Did I mention that Kooky Tea Party now has its own Flickr photostream? It's very cool. I'll be uploading more and more pics there each day. =)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A growing list of items...

Yesterday I listed a few new items in my Kooky Tea Party Etsy Store ... here's a peek:

I have heaps of new items to take photos of and list off I go!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Balancing Act

It's true...a Mothers work is never done. So what happens when you combine both a Mother, a Tortured Artist & a Desperate Housewife into one? You get me.

Don't get me wrong. I love being a Mum. I love being an Artist. I love being a Housewife. I love all of these tags. But I have many other tags also...I'm a Daughter. A Friend. A Jewellery Designer. A Small Business Owner. A Fiance. A Shopper! A Blogger. The list goes on.....

So how do you juggle all of these things? How do you get them all
right? I'm baffled. It seems no matter how much you try to do in one day, how much you try to spend on any of these areas, there's always this feeling of inadequacy. If I spend too much time on my business, I'm not spending enough time with my baby. If I'm not spending enough time on the business, I'm not being dedicated enough to it's success. If I'm spending too much time on balancing either of these things - what's happening to the housework? Oh, and I'm supposed to be spending quality time with Wade because we agree that having a baby or a job isn't going to ruin the romance. Did I mention that I'm also supposed to be exercising, eating right, and looking good? Oh, and I'm an awesome friend, so I love spending time with my girls and also organising fabulous things like Bridal and Baby Showers. I also suffer from Panic Attacks, but that's a whole other kettle of fish. We're also renovating our house which still has masking tape on the door frames which are still in the process of being painted, and yes I know - it's going to rip the paint off....

(To use the words of Mia Freedman - "Are we having fun yet!?").

But. As I rant. I'm also reminded that I treasure every single one of these little tags. I know that it sounds cliche, but I really wouldn't change any of it. I am so blessed to have all of these things. And most of all, I'm blessed to have a healthy family. I'm blessed to be Australian. To have wonderful friends. A wonderful family. Wonderful In-Laws...and of course, a wonderful Fiance & Daughter who I just adore adore adore...

So today I'm tidying the house & grocery shopping in preparation for a little dinner party tonight with 2 of my close friends. But before that, I've got some Kooky Jewellery orders to prepare and send, and then I'll be updating both my Etsy and eBay Store with some new items! Keep an eye out. But right now I'm off to change a nappy...

How are you balancing your day-to-day?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hello Monday.

Hello 1st Monday of 2010!

What is everyone doing today?

I was so so happy last night because I got to spend the afternoon and evening PAINTING! Yaaay! I'm working on a big mermaid piece (120cm x 40cm!). No pics just yet, but I can tell you it features quite a few marine animals! I'm hoping to get a bit more done on her this afternoon once all of the Kooky Tea Party orders are out for the day. =)

I'm a little tired this morning because I stayed awake past midnight reading Mia Freedman's new book "Mama Mia". I'm finding it so interesting! I can really relate to a lot of the things in there so far.

My lovely Mother-In-Law (to be!) left for Sydney this morning after a month long holiday here in Brisbane. It was sad to see her leave, but I have a sneaking suspicion she'll be back before too long. ;)

Ariella's 14 months old now, so this year I'm hoping to be able to jump back into work mode a bit more full on. I'm looking forward to a very productive work year! First & foremost it will be about my passion for art, but I also have a massive passion for my Kooky Tea Party Jewellery line which is what fuels my day to day creativity and gives me the opportunity to make the money I need to focus on painting.

Between painting, making jewels, pottering about online keeping up with my lovely customers and friends, taking and filling orders...not to mention running a household and being a mummy to my gorgeous baby girl, and a fabulous fiance! I think I have my year cut out for me. Can't wait! Love to you all. x


Saturday, January 2, 2010


If there's one thing I learned in 2009 it's that babies are SO unpredictable! Just when you think you have the mummy thing all worked out - they hit you with new challenges!

I had New Years Eve all figured out for days...Wade's Mum - Janeen, Wade, Ari & I were going to have a fabulous Yum Cha dinner. I researched the perfect Yum Cha restaurant (which Google said was the Landmark Restaurant in Sunnybank). I planned to keep Ari awake ALL day so that she would fall asleep in the car on the way (it takes around half an hour to get there & she usually always falls asleep before the end of the street!). So she was a little menace all day, because she was tired, but I persisted with it so that she would sleep through dinner. So, around 6pm, we got all dressed up and jumped in the car & headed off. Well. But the time we reached Sunnybank she was still awake, so we drove around and around the car park waiting for those eyes to close, but no, she was awake, and singing! So I got her out of the car, put her into the pram, and hoped that she would soon fall asleep by the time we ordered our delicious yum cha! The restaurant looked like something out of the heart of Hong Kong. Lovely pristine table cloths, tanks of live seafood, and stunning large chandeliers. We were seated and asked how we go about ordering yum cha, only to be told "no yum cha tonight. only lunch time.".....Oops. little did we realise yum cha is actually a lunch time thing. We'll deal with that. I'll have the mixed entree & honey chicken thanks. Oh, and a high chair, because Little Miss is already starting to wriggle and whine...

When I picked her up out of her pram she was soaked! Somewhere between the car and the restaurant she had managed to wet her outfit and her pram. I promptly headed straight to the bathrooms with her and soon realised there were no baby changing facilities. So in true Mummy MacGyver style I grabbed some paper towel and changed her on the lovely marble bench tops...

I then took a breath and headed back to the table. She did NOT want to sit in the high chair. She protested with a HIIIIGGH pitched SQUEEEEEAL. She then proceeded to grab my chopsticks on the way down and throw them across the floor. And squeeeeealed again and I tried to grab them. Already frowning heads were turning our way.

I asked a waiter politely if they could be so kind as to warm up a bottle of milk I had brought for her, and they did, and I thought this my ticket to peace and quiet. No, she drank the milk and as it reached the end, it only made her more cranky and she cried and cried for more, which I didn't have. I was feeling quite inadequate by this stage. Then the entrees arrived and as I tried to quiet her with some prawn toast and spring rolls, which she took one bite of, squished between her hands, and then threw herself backwards putting her foot into the sweet and sour sauce bowl in front of me, spilling it onto the lovely white tablecloth...

So I gave up at trying to get her to eat or sleep. I grabbed a toy, put her on the floor next to me and started to eat my entree. She then crawled under my chair, over to the table next to us (a lovely, quiet chinese family, with extremely well mannered children) and grabbed the mother on the leg! I grabbed her quickly and while uttering my apologies, tried not to make a scene as I carried her back to our table while she was SQUEEEEEALING all the way...

Despite an understanding Mother In Law and a helping Daddy, this carry on repeated itself throughout the entire meal. I couldn't take one mouthful of steamed rice without having to jump out of my chair to chase her down across the restaurant and carry her squealing like a piglet all the way back to the table. I suppose you can look on the bright side and say that I wouldn't have put on any calories...

Of course the minute we put her in the car to head home she was asleep before we left the car park. We then headed home to some drinks and dancing with one of my closest friends and her other half at our place. We donned some crazy party glasses, hawaiian lais, and party hats, and saw the New Year in with some much needed Cosmopolitans and my first Jager Bomb (gross!). By 3am I was the lead singer of our "Guitar Hero" band, and it was a brand new day...and a brand new year! Happy 2010 Everyone!