Monday, March 29, 2010

"Underwater Mermaid"

She's finally finished! I've been working on this HUGE mermaid painting for months now on and off, and this weekend I finally finished her. It a big one - 1.2m x 0.4m! So yesterday I took some photos and she's up for auction on eBay starting at $150. I've named her "Underwater Mermaid" (yep, it took me AGES to think of that one! =P) and I'm so happy with the way she turned out. There's so many different things to look at in this painting including a seahorse, starfish, lion fish, jellyfish, clown fish, shells, sea weed, and of course my favourite - a big octopus!

Today I've got quite a few Kooky Tea Party Jewellery orders to do, and of course the usual boring household chores. But after those things are finished I'm going to be working on the next painting in my "Mini Alice" series.

Hope you are all having a refreshing Monday, and keeping the Monday-itis at bay..


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Plans Upside Down

My plan for this weekend was a fun, relaxing weekend away - preferably on either the Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast. After discussing it, we decided to save the money and have a relaxing weekend doing something close to home. and chips near the bay...or watching movies...or having a relaxing massage...the possibilities are endless aren't they?

Well, no, the possibilities have indeed ended with one phone call. Wade's been called into work.So now it's Ari and I here to battle this Saturday out on our own. It's not his fault, it's not the companies fault. It's just the way it is. And hey, just as well we didn't book a hotel or apartment on the Coast.

It's ok though. This is all petty stuff in the big scheme of things. I just get a little annoyed when I have something in my head and things don't go to plan. On the upside - I will probably get some painting done today. Maybe even finish off this mermaid piece that's been in progress forever. Or I could go and get my swine flu needle? Now that sounds like fun! :(


Friday, March 26, 2010

Alice Finds A Snail

For the past couple of days, I've been busy painting! I feel like I'm just in my element when I have a brush in my hand. Yesterday I finished a mini "Alice in Wonderland" inspired piece. It's quite small, 20cm x 20cm (or 8" x 8"), and it's on canvas which is 'gallery wrapped' around a timber frame. Which basically means that the staples are at the back, so you can hang it on your wall right away without the need for framing it. Easy Peasy =)

This one's called "Alice Finds A Snail" and it features my take on Alice before entering Wonderland. She's spotted a little snail with a heart shaped shell! Also if you look closely in the sky you'll get a hint at what's to come in the series...

The original is currently up in my Etsy Art Store for $49.

My Etsy Art Store looks a bit bare at the moment doesn't it? In the next few days I'll be making it a little prettier - adding banners and things like that. Hope you have a nice weekend! =)


Thursday, March 18, 2010

What to do...what to do...

Right now, Ari's asleep, and I feel the need to choose between sleeping, painting or getting ready for the Sunday markets. I know that I need to get organised for Sunday, and I suppose the sooner the better. I also have this yearning to paint. Which is quite common for artists I've been told! And my body is also telling me I should rest. I got a good amount of sleep last night though, so I shouldn't really be tired. Maybe I just need another cup of tea...

So now that I've jumped on my blog and written down my dilemma, I think I should go and get some jewellery organised for Sunday. Phew! Glad I got that sorted.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My 1st Ever {Kooky Tea Party} Market Experience

On Sunday, I sold my Kooky Jewels I at the Chandler Markets for the 1st time! And it was a great success!! People were showing a lot of interest...asking questions...browsing through stock...buying things! I had a ball!

I have to thank Wade, who I couldn't have done this without. He got me out of bed at 3am, helped pack and un-pack the car (twice), set up my stall, and helped during the day when the crazy wind was blowing my jewellery around everywhere! I swear didn't have that problem when I set the stall up to practice inside the house? He also helped with all the practical stuff, like when a stand wouldn't sit right or something, out came the packing tape. The only downside to his being there is that we probably spent half our takings on coffee, donuts, yummy deep fried potato spirals!...and numerous other pieces of other people's junk he collected while wandering around. But it was worth it - and if he agrees to help me every week - he can eat as many potato spirals and drink as much coffee as he likes. (Hear that darling? I just wrote that down for everyone in cyberspace to witness!).

While we were there, I was without my phone. You see - on Friday night when I saw "Alice in Wonderland" at the movies, I came home without my phone! I'm not sure what I did, but the last thing I remember is turning it on to silent mode, and now it's GONE! It's like I left it in Underland or something?

So after a weekend with no phone, yesterday I decided enough was enough and I went out and got an iPhone! Yes - it's true. Where have you been all my life little black iPhone? What a marvelous invention! So from now on you can't stop me. I'll be tweeting and status updating like a mad woman. Stay tuned.

P.S. It won't be a little black iPhone for long - today I purchased this sparkly pink case for it!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Why Is a Raven Like a Writing Desk?

What is it that with everything that Tim Burton touches turns to magic? I just became curiouser and curiouser...

Initially, I had VERY high expectations of Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland". Then it was released and the critiques starting raining in and although I tried to avoid reading most of them, I still managed to see a few tweets, which were mostly saying things like "disappointing", "Burton's sold out this time", "too computerized"....blah blah....and so my expectations fell...BUT I still really really WANTED it to be good!

So last night, I finally got to see it! And...(drumroll please)...

I LOVED IT! 5 Stars. It reached all of my expectations! All of my hopes and dreams! The casting was almost SPOT on, the costuming was amazing, the set design was magical, the characters were dark and dreamy...and I'm sorry I ever doubted you Tim Burton!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mid-Week Munching & Markets!

Yesterday, Wednesday, was hump day. So I decided we needed a mid-week night out. It was just something simple. We went for a walk along the Wynnum Esplanade and Ari jumped around on the little blue lights on the footpath as the sun went down. She met a little friend there, and we got talking to their parents, who were in their 40s. Their little girl was 2, and she was their only child. She was so smart! She could count to 10 and she speaks two languages! I insisted that our little girl is very clever also...and as I said it I looked over to see her lying on her belly licking the lights on the ground!!

Once the sun went down, had dinner at Burger Edge, which has AWESOME burgers! We had never even heard of it before. We just stumbled across it because it was close to where we had parked the car. I had The Okker and Wade had The Mexican. They're a little more expensive than your average fast food burgers (about $10 each) but they are worth it. Healthier too.

It's nice to get out and about during the week, you know? Something a little different to break up the routine. This morning I read an article in MX about how mixing things up a little, and they gave these little tips to help break up a "beige patch" in your week...
  • Try a different lunch spot
  • Say 'yes' to something you usually would say 'no' to. (Within reason of course! lol)
  • Go through the "What's On" section and go to a movie or see a band you might otherwise have not seen.
  • Put some bright coloured things around your home, or put up pictures/photos/magazine cutouts of things that inspire you.
Today it's back to preparation for my Market Stall on Sunday! I'm quite excited! Kooky Tea Party's 1st Market Stall will be at the Chandler Markets - THIS Sunday - the 13th of March (hope that 13 means GOOD luck!), from 5am - 1pm.

Come say Hello! =)


Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Night - Not Many Lights

We took Ariella out to the Southbank Night Markets tonight - just to get out of the house. It was ok, but it's really dark down there! Where is the lighting Brisbane? Is this part of some energy saving project or something? Didn't buy anything at the markets. Had dinner at The Crepe Cafe. I had the "American Hot Dog Crepe" (which, may I add - tastes exactly like a hot dog. maybe even better). Wade had a "Norwegian Crepe" (which was seafoody). Ari had poffertjes. Then we had poffertjes and coffee for dessert. Omg - aren't those poffertjes little clouds of joy!? They just melt in your mouth! For anyone who hasn't tried these - they are at just about every market you go to in Australia.

Sexpo is on at the moment. The couple at the table next to us made this very clear. They sat down with their 'showbags' and throughout their dinner proceeded to unpack them and take a look at their inappropriate stash at the table! I'm no prude by any standards...but WTF? People are eating right next to you - with their children! And yes - I found out, batteries ARE included.

Going to the markets is really getting me fired up about starting my Kooky Tea Party market stall. It's almost there...

Have a nice weekend! =)


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Baby Octopus!

I've got a fair bit of painting done today so I'm hap-hap-happy!

Earlier tonight, I was looking up reference pictures for the detail on my octopus (which is still a work in progress), when I came across the CUTEST octopus outfit on this blog! I would just love one of these for Ariella! Then I happened to glance at the date the blog post was written and it just happened to be the very same day Ariella was born! It's meant to be! I have to get my hands on one of these...

A Surprise Visit

Last night I stayed up working on my latest mermaid painting. It's taking ages because it's SO big (Approx 40cm x 120cm)! I'll post pics as soon as it's finished though. Hopefully in the next couple of days...

Kooky Tea Party orders are still rolling in nicely, but they have slowed just enough this week to allow me to work on my painting in the afternoons.

3 of my little cousins and their lovely Mum dropped in by surprise yesterday! It was so nice to see them. Charlie's (age 10), Dixie (age 5), and Charlotte (age 3)! They brought with them little Easter surprises for Ariella and she loved having them here to play with for a few hours! The girls are right into dancing at the moment, so they each got one of these Kooky Tea Party ballerina rings:

Ok now I'm off to get this mornings jewellery orders ready and then it's back to painting for the day...Oh, along with with looking after Ari & running some boring errands like getting groceries etc but that's no fun to blog about is it? :)


Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm ALIVE! and still making jewels!

Well I know you're all dying to know how I fared after the impending tsunami! I'm happy to announce that I'm still alive! It turned out that the warning was just that - a warning - and there was nothing more than a high tide. Hooray!

So to celebrate I spent the afternoon created two new charm bracelets. "Only 2?" you ask. Well the reason is, they each take about 2 hours each to make. I meticulously create most of the "charms" myself - and then, one by one, add them to the toggle bracelet! I love creating these, but they are really something I don't do very often because of how time consuming they are. However - they always seem to turn out beautiful and they are SO fun to wear! Several of my friends have these bracelets made by me and they tell me that they are always seeing new charms in them!

So here they are - "Sweet Treats" and "Religious Icons".

They are both up for auction in my eBay Store.

Sweet Treats Charm Bracelet Full

Religious Icons Charm Bracelet Full