Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Fun

Yesterday was the 15th which mean that the entries for November's Monthly Painters Challenge were revealed! This month's secret topic was "Fabric Design". I doodled away on some canvas sheets, until I came up with this design (see below) inspired by retro flowers and a tea party theme! It's kind of a weird shape - mainly because I painted an odd shaped background and worked from there. I kind of like it though because it's gives it a "spilled tea stain" type of feel. It's not for sale at the moment, but I'm thinking of creating something out of it in the future...some fabric perhaps?

My entry for November's Monthly Painters Challenge "Fabric Design": "Tea Party Fabric Swatch
Today is Friday which means I have Miss 3 at home running around, and this afternoon I decided to put the paints aside and we made some "Peppermint Cherry Christmas Balls"! They're similar to the traditional rum balls - but they're made from chocolate biscuits, cherry ripe and peppermint crisp bars! Yum! :)

Miss 3 was pretty excited!

They're easy peasy to make and good to make with kids because there's no cooking involved - just mix them up and leave them to set for a few minutes in the fridge.

The end result!

Also today, I've been featured on Maddablings blog with a special interview! Check it out here:

Happy Friday everyone! :)


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Postcards!

 Hello Tuesday!

Yesterday I was excited to get some new postcard designs back from the printer! This time I used Moo and I'm SO happy with the results! They are just perfect.

 They come in a pack of 4 (with white envelopes). I'll be sending some of the packs out to stores, but of course you can also buy them online in my eBay or Etsy stores. Or, you can just shoot me an email at: if you would like to buy a pack (or if you would like a mix of 4 different prints in your pack). 

"Peace Angel" Postcards - Set of 4

Anyway, I've got a mountain of housework to do this morning. But after that - I'll be painting away. I've still got 2 commissioned paintings to finish up before Christmas!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Busy, busy....

I'm happy to say I'm feeling better than I did in my last blog post. It's been busy, busy here with extra orders coming in for Xmas (art prints and mini paintings have been popular!). It didn't help that Hubby had to go overseas for work for a week, and I was at my parent's place for most of the time - so working from there was trickier than usual.

He brought back a few goodies for me though! A "cake cup" - it's a mug that looks like a cake! A creepy-cute bear called "Tickles", some of my favourite Jelly-Bellys (caramel corn and buttered popcorn flavour), and some weird Japanese anatomy toy thing (I'm still trying to figure that one out!). It's great to have him back home though!

Now I've got to get to work on some commissioned paintings that have Christmas deadlines! Eeeek!