Sunday, March 24, 2013

"Winter Dreaming" and Waiting... 
I am a ticking time bomb right now. Baby #2 was due somewhere between March 12 and 22nd (I have no idea how the dates can be so far out, but hey, that was the verdict). Today is March 24th. Does this make me 2 days overdue, or 12 days? I don't know. I actually hate this 'due date' thing we do! It's all just an estimate anyway, right? Designed to drive pregnant women crazy!

I am starting to go a bit loopy with anticipation. I am happy for baby to arrive when they are ready, but I'm getting a bit fed up with the unknown, and the impending induction talk. And before you ask - yes, we've tried everything. Except castor oil. That's just asking for trouble.

 So, while we are is a new fairy painting that I finished last night. This one is called "Winter Dreaming". It's quite appropriate for me because I've always wanted to have a snowy Winter. Unfortunately that's not going to happen in Brisbane, Australia anytime soon, so perhaps that's why she's dreaming about it.

"Winter Dreaming" Painting
"Winter Dreaming" Original Painting

For now, it's time to enjoy Sunday with my family, and try not to think about when, where or how Baby #2 is going to arrive...

Have a nice weekend! :)


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

3 new paintings!

On Saturday I debuted 3 new paintings at the Annual Logan Art & Tattoo Exhibition. Unfortunately I couldn't make it there myself (due to being about to pop!), but overall I heard the show was a success. :)

I was able to go pick up my paintings today and now they are available to purchase! They are the original paintings and I've listed them HERE.

"Siren of the Seabed" Painting
"Siren of the Seabed" Original Painting

It features a beautiful big eyed mermaid who swims around the ocean floor. She finds all sorts of treasures and junk down there, including things that have fallen from pirate ships like skulls, swords, bottles and anchors. I even managed to sneak in an arm tattoo on this one! :)

 The original is $349, or there are 2 print sizes available:


The next one is a smaller one called "Blossoms and Butterflies"!
"Blossoms and Butterflies" Painting
"Blossoms and Butterflies" Original Painting

This one features a cute big eyed fairy with orange butterfly wings! She has little monarch butterfly friends flying around her and little cherry blossoms falling from the sky. I had fun painting this size and I plan on doing some more in this skinny style soon! :)

and last but not least, is the next installment in my 'zodiac series'. This one is ARIES!

"Aries" Painting
"Aries" Painting

This big eyed Aries girl has the horns of the Ram (the symbol of Aries), and she is wearing a ruby necklace (just one of the Aries birth stones) which has the 'V' symbols intertwined in the jewellery. She is surrounded by thorny shrubs and flowers that represent the starsign - honeysuckles, geraniums and sweet peas. In the background you can see the ruling planet of Mars against a firey background (Aries being a fire sign).

 The original painting has sold in the time it's taken me to write this post (!), but there are 2 print sizes available:

 Our baby #2 is due any day now. I wonder if they will be a Pisces (Feb 20 - Mar 20) or an Aries (Mar 21 - April 20)?

Oh...and of course here's a little garden update. The flowers we planted in our backyard have started standing up a lot better now that the rain has stopped. I probably should stake them, but I couldn't be bothered so I'm just letting them grow any way they want to.

Week 6 from planting seeds.
 It's looking rather wild at the moment. The giant sunflowers are going great - the biggest is 85cm! No flowers yet, so I still have no idea what I've planted mostly. I do know there are some pansies in there (my fave!), but the rest is a cottage garden mix - could be anything! :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Hello Monday.'s only Monday and yet I'm feeling tired...and the new baby isn't even here yet! A couple of weeks to go...

On the upside - I've been busy getting a ton of print orders ready and sent out today from my "1000 likers sale" over the weekend. Thank you again for liking my Facebook page! :)

I was excited (and confused) to recieve a parcel in the mail this week from I hadn't bought anything from them? Had I? 

Then to my surprise I opened it to see that I had won their "Mum and Bub Elmo Underwear Competition!" So now I've got some cute Elmo undies and some headbands for bub (if bub is infact a girl?). I did recieve 3 headbands but Miss 4 has already scored one for herself :)
Thanks! :)

 Ok, hopefully that's the last time you ever see my undies on the internet.

Art wise, I've been busily getting paintings ready for the Annual Logan Tattoo and Art Exhibition that is coming up on March 16th at the Acacia Ridge Hotel. Unfortunately I won't be able to be there in person, but I will have some new original paintings debuting there for show and purchase! Top secret at the moment though...

Here in Brisbane we've had rain, rain and more rain lately. My poor sunflowers (and other assorted flowers but I'm not sure what they are yet) are getting a bit knocked about!

Week 4 from planting seeds.

That's all for now. I promise to update with some new art pics soon!


Friday, March 1, 2013

1000 Likes = 50% Off Sale


I'm so excited to have reached 1000 'likes' on Facebook! Thank you so much to each and every one of you that like my page. It means a lot that you support me and my art and allow me to do what I love each day :) 

I want to do something that says thanks to all of you - rather than just having a giveaway for one winner - so I'm having a MASSIVE 50% off ALL ART PRINTS sale in my eBay store this weekend!

This is something I haven't done before, and I don't think I will do again anytime soon - so grab a bargain while you can - starting now, and ending on Monday 4th March at 12 noon. :)


Thank you all again,