Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"Purple Haze" & Special Days

Ok, quick blog post while Baby A is having an afternoon nap!

Yesterday I listed this new painting: "Purple Haze" - a pretty girl with big purple eyes and a blue bow in her hair - surrounded by vibrant blue flowers and magenta pink butterflies!

"Purple Haze" Original Painting by Jaz Higgins
"Purple Haze"
The original has already SOLD! However...there are still prints available HERE.

 Also today is my Grandparent's 67th Wedding Anniversary! 67 years married and still going strong - what an inspiration. We celebrated with them on the weekend, as well as having a party for Grandad's 90th Birthday which is also this week.

Congratulations Gran & Grandad.

Wow - I wasn't kidding when I said this will be a quick post. Bub has already woken up! What was that...5 minutes??

Oh well, that's all for now...


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"Violet Vampiress"

Over the last couple of days somewhere in between laundry, dishes, nappy changes, swimming lessons and preschool runs, I've managed to finish off a new painting. She's called "Violet Vampiress" - and it features a girl vampire with long black hair and big amber eyes.

"Violet Vampiress" Original Painting by Jaz Higgins
She is currently sitting on my tv unit! :)

The original is in my eBay store for $75 (or $70 through facebook, for my facebook fans).

Of course, there are also prints available here: 


That's all for now!


Friday, June 14, 2013

New display at West End Coffee House

The lovely folks at West End Coffee House have allowed me to put some of my original artwork up in their cafe!

Here's a time lapse video of the paintings being hung on Wednesday night:

If you're in the Brisbane area, go in and check them out! They also do awesome coffee (and Thai inspired food) - so it's a win win really!

 Last night I was able to get a couple of hours of painting in, so I started a new vampire girl painting. So far I've just layed down the main areas, kind of 'sketching' out where I want things to be in the painting. I've added in a couple of bats in the background, but I'm still not sure what other details I'm going to add in yet. I'm thinking some sort of vintage gothicy stuff. We'll see...

That's all for now. Baby A is only happy to sit in his bouncer for a few minutes before he wants to be picked up again! He loves being carried around - which makes it a bit hard to get anything done really! Oh well...I'm enjoying these newborn cuddles while they last. :)

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"Pink Dragonflies"

Baby A was such a good sleeper today that I was able to finally finish and scan in a new original painting that I've been working away at over the last couple of weeks. It features a big brown eyed fairy with green dragonfly wings, as well as dragonflies, a lacy heart, leaves, a bird get the idea. It's called "Pink Dragonflies".

"Pink Dragonflies" Original Painting by Jaz Higgins
"Pink Dragonflies" Original Painting

"Pink Dragonflies" Original Painting - Side View
Side view of the painting

The original is up on eBay for $139 (or my facebook fans can buy it here for $130, just by writing 'sold' in the comment box). 

If the original painting is a little out of your budget, you can snap up a print here.

 It's now 5:21pm, which means 'Witching Hour' will soon begin. By that I mean the hour before dinner (and usually before Hubby gets home) where the kids go feral and decide they want to whinge about everything. For now though, they are both looking very relaxed and calm. *Fingers crossed*


Saturday, June 8, 2013

"Stories From Hear"

Last night I bundled up the kids and went to check out the opening of Sue Desbrosses' "Stories From Hear" photographic exhibition at the Redland Museum.

(Photo from Redlands Camera Club)

 It featured photos of 19 different people from around my local area and their stories, and I was lucky enough to be one of them!

 In the background of this photo you can see a sneak peek of one of the paintings I'm working on at the moment!

It was a great opening night, and if you live in the Redlands area I recommend going down sometime in the next week or so to check it out!


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hubby Turns 30!

Happy Birthday to my Hubby who turned 30 yesterday! 

We celebrated by having a fabulous family weekend at Surfers Paradise. Once again staying at the fun QT Hotel!
The view from our hotel room (no editing).

 We took the kids and we all had a great time. A long weekend can fly by so fast when you're having fun though!

I tried to think of something different to do - so yesterday on the 30th minute of every hour (10:30, 11:30, 12:30 etc) I gave him a small present! Things like...

a dvd...
a spidey pop! figure...
Set For Life
a scratchie...
A Halo mini figure...
You get the idea. It was fun! Not something I will do every year, but it was fun for a big birthday. :)

Today it was back to housework and nappy changes, haha. Tonight once the babies are in bed I will attempt to add hangers to some paintings that I am taking in to a cafe. 

More on that later!