Saturday, October 19, 2013

WIN an original painting!

It's no secret I love Halloween, so in between working on some commissioned paintings I've been sketching and painting away on this 8x8" jack-o-lantern piece. These are baby "pumpkinlings" - little baby jack-o-lanterns with bat wings! You can enter to win this original painting by entering the competition below! It's very easy! :)

Win this "Pumpkinlings" Original Painting!

I loved painting these little guys and I'm hoping to feature them in other paintings in the future.

I bought Baby A his very first Halloween outfit today, which I'll keep a secret until I can show you. It's so cute! I'm still working on Miss 5's. She wants to be Marceline the Vampire Queen

Today was Miss 5's birthday party with some of her preschool friends. Needless to say I'm pretty tired and looking forward to hitting the pillow tonight. But for now - GO ENTER the competition to win an original painting! :)


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