Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Hustle and Bustle

December is a crazy, busy, silly month...and this year is no exception. I decided not to do any markets this year, as Baby A is still so little, and the month really is busy enough. Thank goodness I made that decision because I really don't know where I would've fit them in. Print orders have been coming in steadily, and despite saying that I wasn't taking on any new commissioned paintings, I still had a few to finish with Christmas deadlines. Not to mention Christmas parties, preschool graduation, kids parties, present shopping, ipad repairs, family visits and endless trips to the post office. It just hasn't stopped. It's all mostly fun, but busy!

Then there's Christmas cards. There's a lack of paper cards arriving in my letterbox in recent years (thanks internet!), but I do think there's something nice about receiving a special card via snail mail sometimes. I also love when Miss 5 recieves little Christmas cards from her preschool friends - each with their own unique spin on them (whether it's a candy cane or carefully handwritten note with newly learnt handwriting - so cute!). So this year I made 33 of these little cards for her friends, thanks to the idea from MakerLand (via Giggleberry Creations).
Merry Christmas Lollipop Cards!

I really have to stop and check myself sometimes. What am I doing all this for? Oh that's right, to have fun. So that Christmas is enjoyable. So that my family is happy and I'm happy and everyone's having a good time. So stop...breathe...and don't freak out if the ribbon doesn't match the gift wrap. 


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

 Here's one of the paintings I finished for a lady this week. She has previously purchased two of my other paintings and wanted a third to add to the set. This is simply "Pretty Pink Flower Fairy".

Rough sketch of the painting

Finished painting "Pretty Pink Flower Fairy"
Finished painting "Pretty Pink Flower Fairy"

Obviously the original painting has already sold, but if you like her, there are 8x10" prints available here.

As I write, it's now 2 minutes to midnight, and I could really use some sleep before another busy weekend/week ahead. If you are reading this, I hope in this week leading up to Christmas you have lots of little moments where you can stop, enjoy it, and take it all in. And I hope that I can take some of my own advice! 



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