Saturday, May 3, 2014

"Turtle Cove"

I've finished the turtle mermaid painting I was working on!


I added in lots of sea turtles, some close by, some in the distance, and a coral reef floor. I also put in some details like shells in her hair, and little anenomes floating around.

"Turtle Cove"

I LOVE sea creatures, and I find turtles so fascinating! They're just so chilled out and relaxed. No wonder they live so long! So $30 from the sale of this original painting will go to the Sea Turtle Foundation to pay for the DNA identification of 5 sea turtles in their program.

"Turtle Cove" Original Painting - side view.

The kids and I are having a lazy Saturday morning here, while Hubby is out filming a wedding! (You can check out his genius work at Wade Higgins Video). We are currently covered in vegemite, and listening to Miss 5 singing every song from the "Frozen" soundtrack. So please excuse me now while I go to put on some laundry and make a chocolate milkshake that she's been asking for while I wrote this blog post. 

Have a great weekend! :)


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