Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Oz Comic Con Brisbane 2014

It's now Tuesday and I'm still feeling tired from Comic Con on the weekend! We had a blast. I met so many lovely people. I sold out of a couple of designs ("Sugar Skull Princess", "Snow White in the Enchanted Forest" and "Taurus" - must be lots of Taureans around!). Plus, lots of sign-ups to my email list.


I've never done an "Artist's Alley" at a convention before, so I had no idea what to expect. There were so many brilliant artists there, at first I wondered if I was out of my league! They all made me feel very welcome though.

My first day in Artists Alley!

My postcards proved to be popular too! The lovely @Jesso88 instagrammed this pic of her 5 framed postcards when she got home:

A cool way to display them!

The important question everyone's asking though...did I get to see Orlando Bloom? The answer is YES! but only a quick glimpse. I barely moved from behind my table for the whole weekend, but I did manage to do a quick run up to the back of the room to see him in the flesh. I was about 10m away? So yeah, let's just say Orlando and I worked together in the same room over the weekend, shall we?

Yesterday I planned to rest and unpack, but the Universe had other plans. I had to take Baby A to the Dr because he has conjunctivitis, then there was grocery shopping, school pick ups...the house looks like a bomb has hit it. So today I'm trying to play catch up. 

For any art orders made over the weekend, I promise they will be sent this afternoon or tomorrow morning at the latest. 

Wishing you all a fabulous week!



  1. Phoebes stopped by and checked out your work when she was in there with h friend but was too shy to say hello... She said lots of people were checking out your work and it looked fabulous the way you had it set up... So happy it was a great experience... And that you got to see Orlando Bloom... Phoebes didn't get a photo with him, she stuck with some sci fi show actors, but her friend got a photo with him... Said he was lovely... Xx

    1. Oh darling Phoebes! I wish she had said hello! :)
      Hope to catch up with you soon xoxo


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