Sunday, October 12, 2014

"Fairy of the Crescent Moon"

We've had blue skies here all weekend, here in Brisbane, Australia. We've said goodbye to Winter and Summer is well on it's way with really warm weather today. We went to the farmer's markets this morning to grab some fruit and vegies, and Miss 5 picked up some water bombs, so we spent a few hours today running around the backyard throwing these at eachother! The kids think it's hilarious!!

God I love weekends.

Friday night I also listed a new 8x8" painting I've been working on. It started out like this:

As I worked more on the facial details I felt I wanted to make the background darker and layered over it in a darker teal wash. Her wings also transformed from "butterfly" to more of a "bat" style. 

I then decided I wanted to make the background even darker and she started leaning towards having a more gothic feel. 

I swear these girls have a mind of their own. A lot of the time I have a pre-conceived idea on what I want the painting to be and almost 100% of the time it doesn't work out the way I imagined. They seem to morph along with the creative process in to whatever 'they' want to be.

So she ended up as this:

"Fairy of the Crescent Moon" Painting by Jaz Higgins
"Fairy of the Crescent Moon"

 Quite a few original paintings have sold this week, however I've still got beautiful paper prints of them all up in my shop. The original paintings that have sold this week are:


My Halloween Sale has been popular also! It continues this week with 5 of my art prints at only $10 (A4 size) or $19 (A3 size) (with free Worldwide shipping!).

Tonight I'll be getting ready for the week ahead, and hopefully getting some more work done on some commissioned pieces and maybe even this mermaid painting I've started sketching out: 

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I hope you had a beautiful weekend! 


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