Thursday, May 7, 2015

"Little Dragonfly and Daisies"

I've just popped this little 6"x6" original painting up in my shop:

Little Dragonflies and Daisies.jpg
"Little Dragonfly and Daisies"

A little fairy with blue-green eyes on a background of bright yellow daisies. She's looking at her dragonfly friend who's stopped by to visit! Right now there's still free worldwide shipping on everything in my shop, including all original paintings (which can save you up to $200 in shipping on some of the big ones!).

I'm also saying goodbye to my old 80s style kitchen tonight, because tomorrow we are ripping it out and putting in a new one! Woo hoo!

 I look forward to posting updates on the new one!


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  1. This is just breathtaking! I love her - and your shop - your big eyes are so beautiful! xo


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