Friday, May 30, 2014


I have a new zodiac painting to share with you! This one is "Taurus"! Taureans are born between April 20 - May 20. They are loyal, reliable and generous, so I thought a fairy would be a perfect fit for this painting. The palette is set around colours that relate to Taurus - greens, yellows, oranges and earthy tones (it is an Earth sign after all). The fairy is wearing an emerald and copper necklace and bracelet - the gemstone and metal related to this zodiac. The flowers associated with Taurus are Poppies, Violets as well as long grasses and vines - which you can see around her and in her hair. In the background you can see the edge of the ruling planet, Venus, as well as the gold embellished Taurus symbol.

"Taurus" Zodiac Fairy Painting by Jaz Higgins
 "Taurus" original painting
Original "Taurus" Painting by Jaz Higgins - Garden View
The original painting is available HERE.

Art prints, in two sizes, are also available HERE - with FREE SHIPPING at the moment!

So far in the series, I have painted:

and now 

I'm not doing them in any particular order, so it's a surprise as to which sign I will paint next.

Today I'm working on finishing my painting for the Big Eye Artist Collective auction this weekend. The theme is "Seven Deadly Sins". I'll post pics once it's finished.

Also up for auction this weekend is my original "Marsh Fairy" painting - finishing tomorrow. It's only at $10 at the moment so you might be able to grab a bargain!

"Marsh Fairy" Original Painting by Jaz Higgins
"Marsh Fairy" original painting

Happy Friday!


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

All my Christmases have come at once!

I heard some time ago that there was a film being made about 1950's big-eye artist Margaret Keane, which I was thrilled about. So you can imagine my excitement this morning when I realised that it's being directed by Tim Burton!! Can this get any better?! 

"Big Eyes" comes out December 25th, 2014.


Sunday, May 18, 2014

"Amethyst Fairy"

It's Sunday night, visitors have just gone home, and I thought I'd take the chance to share my latest painting "Amethyst Fairy".

I've had a fascination with crystals lately. Some say they heal. Some say they have magic in them. Some say they can see the future in them. Some say this is all woo woo. I personally think they are beautiful and a gift from Mother Nature. 

One of my favourites at the moment is the purple "Amethyst" quartz. Amethyst is a semi-precious purple gemstone used to calm and still a busy mind. I wanted to paint a fairy who would look like the guardian of this stone, and this is the girl who does just that...

"Amethyst Fairy"

This fairy brings all of these soothing qualities with her, bringing tranquility wherever she goes. She wears a delicate silver amethyst headpiece and little violet amethyst flowers in her hair. I wanted her to have greeny purple wings that look like a mix between dragonfly and butterfly wings.
"Amethyst Fairy" Painting - Side View

Amethyst is also known as an 'artist's stone', bringing creative energy and focus to artists, poets and musicians. I hope that who ever has the chance to hang this painting or print on their walls will be able to look at it and feel a sense of peace, love and creative balance.

The original is available HERE,
and prints available HERE.

Tonight I'm working on a painting for this month's Big Eye Art Collective's Auction. The theme is the "7 Deadly Sins" and I've decided to do a set of them, starting with this one...

Can you guess which sin it's going to be??

Hope you've had a great weekend!


Saturday, May 3, 2014

"Turtle Cove"

I've finished the turtle mermaid painting I was working on!


I added in lots of sea turtles, some close by, some in the distance, and a coral reef floor. I also put in some details like shells in her hair, and little anenomes floating around.

"Turtle Cove"

I LOVE sea creatures, and I find turtles so fascinating! They're just so chilled out and relaxed. No wonder they live so long! So $30 from the sale of this original painting will go to the Sea Turtle Foundation to pay for the DNA identification of 5 sea turtles in their program.

"Turtle Cove" Original Painting - side view.

The kids and I are having a lazy Saturday morning here, while Hubby is out filming a wedding! (You can check out his genius work at Wade Higgins Video). We are currently covered in vegemite, and listening to Miss 5 singing every song from the "Frozen" soundtrack. So please excuse me now while I go to put on some laundry and make a chocolate milkshake that she's been asking for while I wrote this blog post. 

Have a great weekend! :)