Sunday, August 24, 2014

"Peachy Fae"

A little "Peachy Fae" to brighten up your Sunday evening (or morning, depending on which side of the globe you're on).

"Peachy Fae" painting by Jaz Higgins
"Peachy Fae" 8x8" original painting

"Peachy Fae" painting by Jaz Higgins - Side View
Side view

 I've popped it up for auction starting at $1, so it's completely up to you how much you think it's worth. :)

 I hope you've had an awesome weekend.


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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Free Shipping on all art prints at

I love selling through Etsy and eBay, but I really want my customers to buy directly through my website, so I've been thinking of a way that I can direct them there, and I thought that offering FREE SHIPPING (Worldwide!) in my online store only would be the best way to do it. Everyone hates paying for shipping don't they? I do. My eyes seriously light up when my favourite sites offer free shipping. So there you go. 

Free shipping on EVERYTHING in my store except original paintings. 

The shipping on my originals can cost anywhere from $15 - $550 depending on where I'm sending them, so it wouldn't work out to offer free shipping on those. Everything else though - postcard sets, signed art prints, ACEO cards etc - will all be shipped anywhere FREE.


It's raining here today, so our open home was a bit of a flop this morning.  :('s perfect weather for painting. So I'm going to be getting some print orders together this afternoon and then hopefully getting the brushes out!

Enjoy your weekend!


Thursday, August 21, 2014


The supplier I've been printing my new prints on has discontinued their paper. But...when one door closes, another opens, right? Over the past few days I've trialled some new papers again, and I've found another beautiful gloss paper that is actually cheaper, but still amazing quality! This means I can pass the savings on to you too! So my A4 size art prints will now be $14.99 and A3 prints $24.99. It's a win-win.

Speaking of winning, Orlando Bloom has been announced for Comic Con Brisbane! Woo hoo! I wonder if I can sneak him a painting? lol.

That's all the news from me - I'm off to make dinner and organise a "book week" costume for Miss 5 for tomorrow!


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

So excite.

I'm excited to announce that I will have a table in Artist's Alley at Comic Con Brisbane this year! I've never been to Comic Con before, so I'm really excited (and a bit nervous!).

Last night I posted a new original painting up on eBay starting at just $1 - click HERE to see "Midnight Mermaid".

"Midnight Mermaid" original painting by Jaz Higgins - Side View
Side View

I have to say this is the first mermaid I've painted with blue lipstick...but I think it really suits her!

 I've got some commissioned sketches to work on tonight, and I'm hoping to get some other smaller fairy paintings done this week...



Thursday, August 14, 2014

Inspecting Castles & a Sugar Skull Princess.

As you know we are currently selling our house and looking for a new place to buy. That's how we came across "Castle Rumble" on It's nowhere near where we are looking to live, and it's probably completely out of our price range, but we had nothing better to do on Saturday so we decided to go check it out. I'm so glad we did! It was magical.

Eccentric for sure. But I really admire the way some people refuse to live inside the parameters of what's socially acceptable, for the sake of bringing more magic into the World. I do hope that whoever buys it keeps it as it is and doesn't demolish it for redevelopment.

Speaking of gothic elegance...I've been drawn to sugar skulls lately and I was sipping out of my new favourite travel mug when I decided I should paint a girl with sugar skulls around her.   

A bit of history... 
Sugar skulls are historically used to celebrate Mexico's "Day of the Dead" (Dia de los Muertos) in November each year. They believe that on Halloween Eve the gates of heaven are unlocked and the spirits of their loved ones return to them once more.

I find this concept fascinating and I love the idea that sugar skulls are colourful and bright, and while they symbolise death, they also symbolise the celebration of life.                  
Just starting to paint in some details...

I wanted the painting to have a Mexican 'folk art' feel to it, so I knew I wanted to use lots of bright colours and little details like flowers, diamonds, pearls, hearts etc. I made the girl look like she had her face painted like a sugar skull rather than actually just having a skull head. I wanted her to look like she was just a normal girl who was decorated as a "Sugar Skull Princess" for the day!

Work in progress...

The finished painting! "Sugar Skull Princess"

The painting is now finished and up in my shop HERE.

There are also two print sizes available HERE.

I'm off to bath two babies and make some dinner now. We're having gourmet nachos for dinner (how appropriate!). By gourmet I mean, you know, added taco mince, sour cream...the works. Hope you enjoy the new art! Adios amigos!


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