Thursday, November 21, 2013

Growing and growing!

Lots of things are growing here. My babies are growing at a rapid rate, baby A is nearly 8 months old, and Miss 5 will soon be graduating preschool. Waaaaah!

Art orders are growing in the lead up to Christmas. The majority of my work is done at night when the kids are in bed, but I also work on bits and pieces through the day if I can. I have a couple of commissioned paintings with Christmas deadlines on them too. eek!

Packaging art prints at my desk.

(You can find a list of my online stores HERE.)

My little garden is also growing!

I starting to find a few tomatoes popping up on the vine. I'm so happy - these are the first fruits I've grown from the seeds of scraps.

This is a photo update on my passionfruit plant that I spoke about in an earlier post. It's also grown from seeds from scraps of a passionfruit I had in my fridge. There are two new little shoots also popping up in the pot - but I think they're weeds.

I grabbed some garlic cloves that were on the clearance table at the fruit shop ($1 for heaps of single cloves!), and I've been planting them as they sprout. The second photo is of the shoots that popped up only a couple of days after planting them.

While I'm far from being a farmer yet - I'm having fun watching how things grow and I get a kick out of it when I actually get something right. Like, when I saw an actual tomato on the plant I grew from smooshing a few old tomato seeds into the ground. It's kind of magic.

 It's nearly time to put the Christmas decorations up! I think I'll put the tree up in the next week or so. Is your tree up yet? Do you believe it's bad luck to put the tree up before December 1st? Let me know in the comments below. Also - let me know what you're growing in your backyard/kitchen bench/pots...



  1. Great job with the gardening Jaz, everything is looking fantastic. It is fascinating to watch plant foods grow. I've been intrigued for quite some time with my little backyard scrap garden. Pumpkins are my latest wonder. Your paintings look amazing Jaz.

    1. Thanks so much Tracey! I love watching your little garden updates too. x


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