Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

For Halloween this year Miss 5 dressed as "Princess Bubblegum" from Adventure Time! 

While Baby A (7 months) dressed as the cutest jack-o-lantern I've ever seen.

We went trick-or-treating again which was a big success, and we all ate too many lollies (except Baby A of course!), and Miss 5 was dancing around all silly all night, but it was all worth it.

Baby A Trick or Treating

I forgot how cold it still gets in October when the sun goes down though, and we ended up freezing by the end of it. Needless to say, Baby A has a sniffly nose today and I feel like a terrible Mother! Note for next year: warmer costumes.

Trick or Treating 2013

Congratulations to Julie O'Keefe who won my original "Pumpkinlings" painting!

I had fun doing a competition, so keep an eye out on my Facebook page for more giveaways in the future.

Today is Friday! Woo hoo! I'm looking foward to a relaxing weekend. We are supposed to be going away to the Coast, but I'm hoping bub isn't too sick. I guess we'll see how he goes today. I've got a mountain of housework to do, but beside from that, today I will be working on a commissioned painting as well as a new painting in my Zodiac series. Which sign do you think it is??


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