Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"Little Blue Bubble Mermaid"

It's 10pm and I haven't even picked up a paint brush today! Some days are simply all about running errands, other 'art business' like emails, social networking posts, updating products etc, not to mention all the Mummy stuff, that I don't actually put a brush to canvas. It's ok though. It comes with the territory. :)

Last night I put another 5x7" painting up for auction! This one is called "Little Blue Bubble Mermaid". She's got a little shell bow and pearls scattered through her hair.

"Little Blue Bubble Mermaid"

 At the time of writing this, it's currently at $10 with no bids, so this might be your chance to grab a bargain!

You might notice in the listing, I spent a couple of hours last night creating a new 'banner'. I'm still not 100% sure about the font I used though. I liked that it looks like a paint brush type, but I'm not sure that it's my style? What do you think? 

 Header Banner Logo 2

I'm no graphic designer. I may have to get my friend Tabitha from Wrappd Designs to help me out next time!

 "Like a Diamond in the Sky" is also still up for auction - ending on Sunday night at 8:30pm AEDST.

It's officially a 'school night' - and while I'm tempted to start painting now that the babies are asleep, I think it's also time for me to catch some zzz's as well. I need to get my brain ready for some serious painting tomorrow! :) Goodnight.


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