Monday, July 21, 2014

"Alice in Pastel Land"

I've finished the new Alice painting!

It's funny how I started out painting something completely different, and then I hit a wall with it. 

 The painting was going nowhere and I was getting frustrated with it, so I put it aside and started working on something else. When I would glance at it though, I kept feeling that I wanted to use a pastel colour palette for it.

Once I picked the brush up and started working on the girl, I kept thinking of her as Alice! I've done a few Alice paintings before, so it just knew this is where this painting was suppose to go. So I added in quite a few "Wonderland" inspired details and voila!

"Alice in Pastel Land" original painting

A quick snap out in the garden!

 The original is currently available (at the time of writing this post!) HERE.

There are also beautiful paper prints available in 2 sizes HERE.

Today I'm continuing some commissioned work and hopefully starting on a new painting as well!


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