Wednesday, January 7, 2015

1st painting for 2015 - "Wattle Fairy"

Good morning! and Happy New Year!

We spent Christmas in Sydney and had a wonderful time with family! This week we're back home and back into work mode, although it is still school holidays, so Miss 6 and Baby A are both at home with me. So let's just say we're back into work/play/chaos mode!

This week I finished off my first painting for 2015. She's called "Wattle Fairy".
"Wattle Fairy" by Jaz Higgins

I can remember walking to school and smelling Wattle along the way. It's smells so pretty and it's like tiny little yellow pom poms decorating a tree! It is probably my favourite native Australian flower.
Wattle flowers.
The original is up in my shop for $275, including FREE postage to anywhere in the World. Actually, everything in my shop now has free postage! There are also prints of her available in two sizes HERE.

It's raining here today (which I love) so apart from one run to the post office, I will be painting! Stay tuned via Instagram for regular updates.


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