Tuesday, January 13, 2015

This week I've been working on a lighthearted pretty little pink painting - full of flowers, butterflies and anything else that flows naturally on to the canvas.

It started out like this, adding pinks and yellows to the canvas and blush on her cheeks!

Being school holidays, it's been a struggle to find time to sit down and paint each day, but I've managed to get most of it done when the kids are asleep at night.

Adding in 'underpainting' - reds, pinks, purples...working out where I want things to go in the painting.

I'll probably put this pink painting up for auction.

Yesterday I took Miss 6 to the movies to see "Big Hero 6". I had no idea what to expect, and I was surprisingly impressed! It was a great movie for the school holidays, because it suits any gender and any age.

"Big Hero 6"

Today I've been sketching all day for a commissioned piece, and haven't yet picked up a paint brush, but I'm really enjoying it! I really need to sketch and draw more often. I don't have prices for drawings on my website, but if you have an idea, let me know roughly what size and detail you're thinking of and I'll happily give you an idea of the price I can do it for. Mermaids...fairies...girls...angels...whatever you can think of!


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