Monday, February 23, 2015

"Purple Lotus"

This morning I finished up a new "Purple Lotus" painting I've been working on over the weekend. 

"Purple Lotus"
Side View

I've popped the original painting up in my store HERE.

There are also 8x10" art prints of her available HERE.

I've just had the urge to paint flower after flower after flower lately, and I had saved some really beautiful pics of purple lotus flowers on my computer, so I decided to put them in a painting. They have a really nice meaning also. They are born in muddy water, yet they bloom to be so pure looking and beautiful - giving them a sense of hope and rebirth.

The purples and pinks in this painting really pop!

My mini paintings are proving popular in the eBay store, so I might work on a couple more of them today. If you're after another original painting or a print though, I suggest you buy it through because you will get FREE SHIPPING Worldwide.

I hope your Mondayitis isn't too severe today! ;)


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