Sunday, June 22, 2014

"Little Tree Nymph" + Saturday Night Sketches

It's Saturday night, so I've given myself permission to stay up late and paint. Although my eyes are starting to blur a little, so it's probably time to go to bed. Just before that though, I wanted to share my new "Little Tree Nymph" painting that I finished today.

"Little Tree Nymph"

Side View

The original is 8"x8" on stretched canvas - which means it's ready to hang straight on the wall. Or sit on a bookshelf, or desk. Easy. At the moment the only way to purchase it is HERE on my Facebook page by commenting 'Sold' under the photo. First in, best dressed.

If the original isn't available however, there are also prints HERE. Just a heads up - FREE SHIPPING on all art prints in my online store ends tomorrow!

Tonight, while waiting for a couple of canvasses to dry, I've been sketching/doodling with pencil and paint on canvas. Not sure where this one is going yet? 

What's going on here? Rainbows, birds, clouds raining diamonds? Time for bed? Probably yes.



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