Sunday, March 16, 2014

"Easter Fairy Princess"

It's rather late Sunday night (ok 10:24pm, but it feels late!), and I thought I would check in with a quick blog post while the babies are asleep and the house is unusually quiet...

We've been busily working away on getting our house ready for sale. As you can see in the photo below, I got plenty of painting done today. Just white walls though - not the interesting canvas paintings that I would like to be doing! It seems like the longer I spend away from the canvas, the more ideas go swirling around in my head until I just can't take it anymore and need to pick up a brush. Or a pencil at the very least! But for today - it's been boring white walls. I even had to paint over my favourite pink striped wall :(
Boring white wall paint everywhere.

I finished off the fun Easter themed painting I was working on last week. She is aptly called "Easter Fairy Princess" - which is a rather obvious name it may seem - but the painting itself is a bit, well, obvious. She is a beautiful Easter princess - with a love for everything commercially 'Easter'. As I walk around the shops at the moment, I'm loving the fluffy bunnies, coloured eggs and pastels everywhere! This one has definitely inspired me to play with more pastel coloured palettes in the future.

ART PRINT - "Easter Fairy Princess" by Jaz Higgins - 8"x10"
"Easter Fairy Princess"
The original painting has already sold, however there are 8x10" prints available HERE.

Tonight I spotted a rainbow moon! It really was magical - and I hope to incorporate it into a painting sometime soon. It looked something like this:
Image © Masahiro Iizuka
It really is now time for bed, 
so I wish you all an exciting and productive week ahead!



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