Friday, March 7, 2014

In Bed With Peter Alexander

My love affair with pyjama king Peter Alexander began right back around 1999 when I read a magazine article about how an Aussie man started a mail order pyjama business from his Mum's kitchen table. In 1999, when the internet was only taking baby steps, the idea of building a business empire from your kitchen table seemed like a pretty wild dream. Plus, I was 15, and what did I know about business? Nothing. All I did know was that I loved Peter Alexander's pyjamas (even though I couldn't afford them with my Hungry Jacks job), and I felt incredibly inspired to one day build a fun and creative business from my kitchen table. I realised that there are real people out there who get to be creative every day and make money from it, and it can start with just a little dream at home.

Fast forward to December 2013, while I was doing some Christmas shopping, Peter Alexander showed up unexpectedly to the store I was in! I jumped at the chance to meet him and get a photo with Baby A.
Peter and I with our babies.

 Having a fangirl moment, I told him how I had followed him for a long time, and how inspirational I've found him to be. He was genuinely interested in what I had to say and immediately told me he would send me out his book that outlines his business journey. It's a book that is very hard to find anywhere now. I quickly scribbled my address down, and really didn't expect much at all. After all, he's super busy and probably lost the bit of scrap paper I'd written my address on.

However, true to his promise, in the next couple of weeks this arrived at my door!

How cool is that!? I was very impressed. Thanks Peter!!!

Ironically, I don't actually have a kitchen table to work from here at home. Our place is much too small and my little studio area is where the kitchen table might be. I am busily working on my dreams from there though. Now, I just have to work out a way to get some of my fairy and mermaid designs on to his pyjamas...



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