Monday, March 3, 2014

"Cloudy Night Fairy"

The past week I've been mainly working on commissioned paintings. Hopefully I will share some with you very soon, once I've got the ok with the clients. We've also been painting our house! This past weekend I sadly had to paint over my chalkboard wall next to my desk and work area. It's been really handy, but we're painting the entire house in one colour, and it was time to paint over it.
Goodbye blackboard wall!

In between commissioned paintings I've also been working on a couple of 8x10" pieces. I finished "Cloudy Night Fairy" on Friday night, but have only just had the chance to scan her in and list her for sale tonight. 

"Cloudy Night Fairy" Painting by Jaz Higgins
"Cloudy Night Fairy"

I'm loving her batty wings!

 Today I began working on an Easter themed painting. Not an Easter painting in the biblical sense, but rather focusing on the more commercial (superficial?) Easter fluff. Everywhere I go there seems to be bunnies, eggs, and hot cross buns, so I guess it's only natural that I have pastel coloured Eastery dreams floating around in my head.
The beginnings of an Easter themed painting.

This week got off to a rough start with my Dad being involved a motorbike accident yesterday. Thankfully he's fine (mostly!), but it was a scary start to the week none the less. I need to explain to him that he's not 16 anymore. He really needs to cut out the extreme sports antics.

I'm off to get some orders ready to post tomorrow and catch up on The Oscars.



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