Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Marsh Fairy

Tuesday painting news!

Over a few nights this week I've been painting away on an 8x10" painting I call "Marsh Fairy". I had this idea to create a fairy with interesting butterfly/moth wings. Let me tell you, there are a lot of different butterfly wings out there! Her wings ended up being a mesh of both butterfly and moth.

Motif Science Biology  - Butterflies of the World Chart

At first I wasn't sure what I was going to have in the background, I liked the idea of the stripey tree, and somehow it became sort of a sinister swampy looking backdrop. I like it.

"Marsh Fairy" Original Painting by Jaz Higgins
"Marsh Fairy"

"Marsh Fairy" Original Painting by Jaz Higgins - Side View
Side View of "Marsh Fairy"
I've popped her up in my eBay store HERE.

Because we are getting our house ready for sale at the moment, I decided to clear up some space by putting my original "Sunflower Fairy" painting up for auction! Now is your chance to grab her for a steal!

Sunflower Fairy
"Sunflower Fairy"
Sunflower Fairy Side
Side view of "Sunflower Fairy"
Miss 5's school fete is coming up, and like a good Artist Mummy I've promised to donate some art to the art auction and craft stall, so today (while also trying to keep the house clean with Baby A in it!), I will be busily getting some goodies ready. I'm thinking along the lines of notecards or bookmarks for the craft stall and some beautifully framed prints for the auction??

Wish me luck! :)


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