Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Jaz in the City

Long before "Sex and the City", there was a mediocre show called "Caroline in the City". If you were born before 1990, there's a chance you might remember seeing it. It was a sitcom based around Caroline - a freelance cartoonist who lived in Manhattan.

 I was about 12-13 when the show aired here in Australia. I don't remember following the story line much, but I do remember thinking Caroline had the best job in the World. She worked from her apartment, with an easel set up with her drawings...papers, pencils and art work spread out all around her.

You have to remember, this was 1996 and we didn't even have a computer let alone the internet (kids in my day!!), so the idea of this lifestyle was a dream that seemed only possible a World away - ok like maybe if you were rich and lived in New York.  So the other day I had the random idea to YouTube it, and I realised that my job is now very similar to Caroline's! I work from my little studio under the stairs, surrounded by pens, paints and artwork. Even the 90s clothes are coming back into fashion! Ha. Be careful what you wish for kids, because the Universe listens. It's a wonderful thing.

It's funny when I think back to what I wanted to be 'when I grew up'. I wanted to be an actress or a make up artist, I never really thought seriously about being a fine artist. However, I've always had a love for art - any type of art - and I even remember having a folder filled with big eyed characters scribbled in it on old lined paper. When I think about it, they were very similar to the girls I paint today! While I was studying Commerce at Uni (a stable career move if I ever had one!) - I continued to foster my love for art by painting at every spare moment, going to art shows, and watching other artists make a career from their art. It was then that the seeds were planted, and over time I realised that maybe I could actually do this for a living!

It's funny how when you look back, there are little baby steps that lead you to where you are right now.

What did you want to be when you grew up? Are there any inklings or memories from your childhood that are related to what you're doing today?


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