Sunday, April 13, 2014

New art prints coming your way.

Although I love my current art prints, I'm always on the look out to improve them, so this week I ordered a bunch of different fine art papers to play around with.

Paper is paper right? It's flat and white and comes from trees? WRONG!

There's cheap paper, expensive paper, thick paper, thin paper, rag paper, micropourous paper, smooth paper, glossy paper, smooth glossy, smooth matte, textured matte, textured satin, satin smooth....130gsm, 310gsm...archival, paper, photographic paper, watercolour paper, paper made from recycled tree bark that's only found in the South of France and has been stomped on by a herd of exotic's a crazy paper world out there!!


After gathering as many different papers together as I could find (including very expensive paper that I've been too scared to touch without gloves!), and trying different printing techniques, I think I have finally narrowed it down to a beautiful Canson Infinity Matte paper for my art prints. These new prints are absolutely stunning.

They are going to cost a little more to reproduce, so there is going to be a price increase in my prints in the next month or so, but the result is SO worth it. They will still be affordable for anyone, at around $20 for A4 size, $35 for A3 (because I believe that everyone should be able to add a little bit of magic to their walls) but they will now be super professional, high quality, collectable art prints that will be an awesome investment for anyone who has one.

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Until then, my usual glossy art prints are still available in A4 and A3 size HERE. I now have the busy job of updating all of my listings with the new art prints, and I'm also building an online store that you can access directly from my website to make it easier for people to find my work. Tech stuff!! Aaargh.

 Stay tuned. :)


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