Thursday, April 3, 2014

Take Me to La Danse Macabre!

I would really like to go on a little flight to Seattle right about now, to check out Camille Rose Garcia's latest exhibition "La Danse Macabre"....

In my eyes Miss Camille can do no wrong. Her artwork is just pure genius...

Ghostmothserenade sml
"Ghost Moth Serenade" (acrylic and glitter on wood, 36″ x 48″)

LaDanceMacabreMolar sml
"La Danse Macabre Molar" (acrylic and glitter on wood, 24" x 36")

  Polillafantasma sml"Escape of Palilla Fantasma" (acrylic and glitter on wood, 24" x 24")

Alas, a trip to the USA is not on the cards today. There's a mountain of washing to do, a house to keep clean, a 1 year old baby to care for, the school run, and a ton of art related work to get stuck into.

 Baby A and I went on a little journey to Art Shed yesterday, and I'm all stocked up with plenty of fresh white canvasses and new paints just waiting to be opened.

The quicker I hang this washing out, the quicker I get to painting, so here goes!

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